BMW R1200RT ABS Problems, Diagnosis, Troubleshooting

Sporadic brake failure warning light activation indicates ABS problems in the BMW R1200RT.

While the standard braking system remains operational, losing ABS compromises safety during hard braking situations.

BMW R1200RT ABS Issue Symptoms

Many riders report persistent BMW R1200RT ABS failure warnings and fault codes indicating power supply and electrical issues.

Extensive troubleshooting like sensor, wire, and battery checks prove useless. Suggested actions include verifying battery voltage and examining ABS unit connections, wires, corrosion, and potential draws.

If your BMW R1200RT is experiencing issues with the front ABS motor, you may notice symptoms such as a flashing ABS warning light and a loss of power brake function, resulting in residual braking only.

In some instances, applying the front brake lever or rear brake pedal may cause the servo motor to race without activating the ABS function.

The recommended solution involves replacing the entire ABS unit, although this can be costly. Clearing fault codes is also essential to ensure proper functionality.

The fault code 17433 indicates low pressure in the rear wheel cylinder and shows similar symptoms.

BMW R1200RT ABS Problem Troubleshooting

In addressing R1200RT ABS issues, users detail systematic troubleshooting approaches taken before considering repairs.

This includes inspecting sensor wiring, bleeding brake fluid circuits, using diagnostic tools, and methodically replacing components like brake pads and the ABS pump to isolate the root cause.

ABS Sensor Replacements

While an ABS pump replacement may cost over $2000, many riders advise beginning troubleshooting with ABS sensor replacements.

Identified as a cost-effective first measure in resolving ABS problems, users recommend changing sensors systematically to isolate the fault.

Diagnostic tools also assist in pinpointing specific sensors requiring replacement.

GS911 Scans and Battery Influence

Our experienced riders strongly advocate exploiting all diagnostic avenues, advising users to utilize GS911 scans from local clubs or dealerships if personal units are unavailable.

Anecdotes also reveal battery voltage drops occasionally influencing ABS functionality, underscoring the need for optimal battery health.

ABS Pump Replacement

While replacing an ABS pump costs over $2000 from BMW, riders may approach independent rebuilders to furnish upgraded or alternate units at nearly half the price.

This facilitates cost-effective ABS restorations, allowing riders to reinstate safety-critical ABS functionality promptly.

Considering GS911 and Future Plans

You can invest in a GS911 scanner for independent diagnostics, saving significant expenses over dealership computer usage fees each time an issue surfaces.

This also sets the stage for future DIY troubleshooting and winter projects such as ABS pump replacements.

BMW R1200RT ABS Problems

ABS Pump Repair or Replacement

Addressing BMW R1200RT ABS problems represents a prime winter project for DIY-enthused owners.

Key advantages of self-repair highlighted by members include cost-savings and familiarity with motorcycle electrical systems when issues resurface.

Discussions will persist as users undertake pump repairs, sensor replacements, and full ABS refits during the winter months.

GS-911 Diagnostic Tool

The GS-911 diagnostic tool proves invaluable for BMW bikes in accurately pinpointing the causes of ABS failure.

The GS-911 diagnostic tool detects issues with specific ABS components that may be overlooked during visual inspections.

For the 2008 R1200RT model featuring the advanced ABSII system, the GS-911 facilitates swift diagnostics to differentiate hardware faults from false sensor readings.

ABSII vs. Earlier Models

BMW’s introduction of its improved ABSII anti-lock braking system in 2008 represented a major upgrade offering enhanced functionality.

As such, issues in earlier BMW models equipped with the previous ABS versions are mitigated in R1200RT units featuring ABSII.

Owners have specifically reported positive experiences with the 2008 model ABS.

BMW R1200RT ABS Preventive Maintenance Tips

Among the four common reasons for the ABS light to illuminate, a malfunctioning ABS module can be a significant factor. It’s crucial to address this issue promptly to maintain the effectiveness of your ABS.

The ABS light may turn on due to low fluid levels in the reservoir. Monitoring and maintaining adequate fluid levels is essential to prevent potential ABS issues.

A common trigger for the ABS light is broken wheel speed sensors. Regular inspection and timely replacement of damaged sensors can help prevent disruptions to the ABS.

In certain situations, the ABS may be intentionally turned off.

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