BMW R1200RT Seat Height, Aftermarket Seats, Seat Comparison

BMW R1200RT has a seat adjustment range of 820–840 mm (32.3–33.1 in).

BMW Motorrad offers a low-seat option for the riders. Corbin and Sargent offer aftermarket seats for the sport-touring motorcycle.

The BMW R1200RT’s seat is meticulously designed to strike a balance between comfort and handling, ensuring an optimal riding experience.

BMW R1200RT Seat Height

The standard split saddle design allows for a two-position adjustment of the rider’s portion, enabling a flexible seat height of either 32.3 or 33.1 inches (820 or 840 mm).

BMW R1200RT seat adjustment range is 820–840 mm (32.3–33.1 in).

BMW R1200RT Low Seat

Discover enhanced comfort and safety with the BMW R1200RT Low Seat, equipped with seat heating for an optimal riding experience.

The low-version of the BMW R1200RT has a seat adjustment range of 780 to 800mm (whereas the stock seat has a seat adjustment range of 820 to 840mm).

BMW R1200RT Corbin Seat

Corbin seat has a Fibertech basepan with a precise fit to the bike’s bodywork and robust support for the foam shape.

Integrating dual backrests, rider, and passenger, adds versatility, with easily adjustable options.

The Corbin seat is ergonomically designed using comfort cell foam.

Corbin offers custom backrest finishes, various cover materials, and even electric heated seating. The Corbin seat is made of genuine leather.

BMW R1200RT Sargent seat

Sargent seat pan is made of PVC acrylic alloy, ensuring durability without the added weight of gel.

BMW R1200RT Sargent Seat is made of Super Cell Atomic Foam suspension to provide superior comfort and eliminate pressure points.

BMW R1200RT Sargent Seat has marine-grade upholstery and different seat adjustment ranges.

Sargent’s EM-5 backrest adds another layer of comfort, featuring five-axis adjustability and compatibility with Sargent seats. Its ease of adjustment allows riders to find the perfect position, enhancing back support during extended rides.

BMW R1200RT Seat Height, Aftermarket Seats

BMW R1200RT Aftermarket Seat Comparison

Corbin and Sargent both offer electric heated seating options, providing a luxurious solution for colder weather.

The heating elements, integrated into the seats, raise the core body temperature to enhance ride comfort in winter.

Aftermarket seats from Corbin and Sargent offer comfort, support, and eliminate pressure points.

Corbin SeatSargent Seat
Fibertech basepanPVC acrylic alloy seat pan
Ergonomically shaped with Comfort Cell foamSuper Cell Atomic Foam
Customization Options:
backrest finishes, cover materials (such as genuine leather), and even electric heated seating
Customization options: Marine-grade upholstery and various seat pan heights

BMW R1200RT Seat Removal

Place your motorcycle on a level surface, engage the stand, and insert the key into the seat lock.

Turn it counterclockwise, press down on the rear seat, lift it upwards, and release the key.

For models with OE Seat heating, disconnect plug 1. Pull the seat to the rear to release it from its holders.

Start by lifting the rear of the front seat, ensuring rear seat removal.

For models with OE Seat heating, disconnect plug 2. Lift the front seat upwards to detach it from the motorcycle.

Use the provided lever to release electrical components, exercising care and proper alignment.

Lower the Seat of the BMW R1200RT

BMW offers a low-seat accessory, reducing height by 1.2 inches to 31.1 inches.

Aftermarket options like Russell Day-Long and Sargent World Sport Lower provide additional height reduction to 30-30.5 inches.

Telescopic fork tubes and rear shock linkage adjustments can lower the seat by 0.8 inches each.

‘Hyperpro’ offers lowering kits for 30 to 40mm reduction, maintaining performance and comfort.

Shaving excess foam off the seat or opting for the BMW low seat provides a reversible solution for seat height optimization.

BMW R1200RT Seat Comparison With Rivals

The BMW R1200RT has a seat adjustment range of 820–840 mm (32.3–33.1 in). The split saddle design allows for a two-position adjustment.

The low-seat option, with a range of 780 to 800mm, enhances comfort and safety, complete with seat heating for an optimal riding experience.

With a seat height of 31.1 inches and a 1.2-inch height adjustment range, the ST1300 accommodates riders of varying leg lengths.

The sculpted contours offer lower back support and excellent weight distribution, reducing strain on the spine during long rides.

Yamaha FJR1300 has a standard seat height of 31.7 inches (805mm) and an adjustable range of up to 32.5 inches (825.5mm), the FJR1300 caters to a variety of riders.

The seat’s width, while potentially feeling wide for shorter riders, ensures a comfortable and controlled ride.


Are aftermarket seats compatible with BMW’s heating system?

Yes, both Corbin and Sargent offer electric heated seating options that integrate seamlessly with BMW’s heating system.

Can I customize the appearance of my aftermarket seat?

Corbin and Sargent provide various customization options, including different cover materials, backrest finishes, and even adjustable backrests.

What is the advantage of Zone Suspension Technology in Sargent seats?

Zone Suspension Technology ensures pressure distribution, eliminating discomfort and pressure points during long rides.

How does the modular seat system from Corbin work?

Corbin’s modular seat system allows riders to configure components like rider seat, passenger seat, smuggler trunk, and backrest to suit their needs.

Do aftermarket seats retain their value for resale?

Yes, investing in quality aftermarket seats is not only about immediate comfort but also about retaining value, and enhancing the resale value of your motorcycle.

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