BMW R1200RT Storage Specifications

The 2011 model features hard-shell cases with a substantial 32 liters each.

For those seeking additional storage, the 2005 version offers an integrated luggage rack capable of accommodating extra gear or two optional top cases, ranging from 28 to 49 liters.

The BMW R1200RT Top Case, designed for various applications, provides a generous 49-liter volume.

Panniers with 33 liters per side, a tail bag with 40 liters, and tank bags with 11 liters further enhance the bike’s practicality.

BMW R1200RT Top Case

BMW R1200RT Top Case is a versatile Aluminum top case designed for Enduro, Onroad, Street, Touring, and Universal applications.

The top case offers ample storage for your travel essentials with a generous 49-liter volume.

The top-loading feature ensures easy access to your belongings. While not waterproof, the integrated lock cylinder provides security for your items.

The locking cylinder doesn’t come along with the product.

This top case seamlessly fits onto the genuine rack system, ensuring a secure and stable attachment.

BMW R1200RT Top Case Dimensions

BMW R1200RT Top Case is 590 mm wide, 320 mm high, and 450 mm long. 

It has a volume of 47 liters and can bear a maximum load of 10 kg.

BMW R1200RT Top Case Rack

Givi SRA5113 Top Case Rack lets one mount any mono-key top case onto the BMW R1200RT.

The rack is easy to install and has a maximum load capacity of 6kg.

BMW R1200RT Tank Bag

The BMW R1200RT Tank Bag is a highly functional accessory crafted for the modern rider.

Constructed from durable PVC-coated polyester fabric, its molded EVA bottom ensures a secure fit on the fuel tank, featuring an anti-slip PU surface layer.

The 11-liter waterproof main compartment, with a roll-and-seal closure and lockable zipper (lock not included), safeguards your belongings on the road.

The water-repellent map pocket zippered outside pocket with a bottle-holder function, and thoughtful design elements like the carry handle and removable shoulder strap enhance convenience.

Embrace style and utility with the R1200RT Tank Bag, adorned with the iconic R1200RT logo in sleek black.

BMW R1200RT Tail Bag

Discover the BMW R1200RT Tail Bag – a practical soft companion for your journey.

The tail bag has a waterproof main compartment with a 40-liter volume, this bag is crafted from water-repellent canvas (40% polyester, 15% cotton, 45% polyurethane).

It features 2 patch side pockets, a precisely fitted bottom plate made of EVA with an anti-slip PU coating, and adjustable straps for volume control.

Stylish brushed metal closure buckles with embossed BMW lettering add a touch of sophistication.

The bag also offers a detachable, padded carrying strap, carrying handle, and optional hook-in loops for closure flexibility.

BMW R1200RT Storage Specifications

BMW R1200RT Pannier Capacity

The 2014–2015 BMW R1200RT has panniers with 33 liters per side capacity.

The 2005–2013 RT has panniers with 32 liters per side capacity.

BMW R1200RT Pannier Liners

Kathy’s Pannier liners are meticulously crafted to seamlessly fit the contours of BMW R1200RT’s Touring side cases, also known as System or EVO cases.

Each liner has inside and outside zip-up pockets, ensuring organized storage for your essentials.

Notably, the outer pockets are strategically positioned to face the lid opening, providing effortless access to the contents of your bags.

The liners feature approximate dimensions of 18 inches in length, 8 inches in width, and 11.5 inches in height at the tallest point of the rounded top, or in centimeters: 45.7 (L) x 20.3 (W) x 29.2 (H).

These American-made liners are handcrafted in Floyd, Virginia, using water-repellent 1000 denier CORDURA® Brand Fabric, guaranteeing durability and protection against the elements.

Underseat Storage

The BMW R1200RT features an under-seat storage compartment designed for storing essential items.

The radio storage compartment is equipped with a spark plug/coil puller, oil cap removal tool, and SAE/USB charger for added convenience.

Load Limits

The load capacity of the 2013 R1200RT is around 520 pounds.

The top case and panniers are rated at 10kg(22 lbs) each, at a speed of 110 mph.

Side Cases

The 2011 R1200RT is equipped with hard-shell cases that boast an impressive 32 liters each.

These side cases offer a secure and organized way to stow your belongings during long rides.

Additionally, the 2005 model comes with an integrated luggage rack, allowing riders to carry extra gear or opt for two additional top cases with capacities ranging from 28 to 49 liters.

BMW R1200RT Fuel Storage

The motorcycle has a generous 25-liter fuel tank capacity.

Key competitors like the Honda Goldwing (21 liters) and Yamaha FJR1300 (24 liters) have lower tank capacities.

This substantial fuel tank allows riders to cover longer distances between fuel stops, adding to the bike’s appeal for those who enjoy extended journeys.

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