BMW R1200RT Suspension Upgrades (A Brief Guide)

As a seasoned BMW R1200RT rider, I understand the unique challenges that come with the stock suspension.

One recurring issue highlighted by riders on various forums is the feeling of bouncing, akin to riding in a hammock, even when the bike is set to the hard mode on twisty roads.

Improper adjustments of the stock suspension can lead to a sensation of being lifted off the seat on bumps or a feeling of “wallowing” in corners.

Riders have shared experiences of persistent bouncing, even after reprogramming suspension settings.

Types of Suspension Upgrades

Adjustable shocks and forks

Custom shocks have emerged as a viable solution for riders facing persistent suspension challenges.

Options like the Öhlins STX46 Street Performance Line offer adjustable damping, hydraulic spring preload adjustment, and customization for various riding styles.

Progressive springs

For riders seeking a subtle height adjustment without compromising performance, Touratech’s Height Lowering Kit provides progressive springs tailored to the BMW R1200RT’s dynamics.

This kit offers a sensible 30mm reduction in height, providing improved response and enhanced safety.

Upgraded bushings and bearings

When considering a suspension upgrade, it’s crucial to explore comprehensive solutions.

Some riders have found success with options like the Wilbers model 641, a 3-way rear shock with adjustable rebound damping, high and low-speed compression adjustment, and various spring and knob color choices.

Aftermarket Suspension Brands

Aftermarket suspension options include Öhlins, TracTive, Touratech Suspension, and Wilbers.

Öhlins STX46 Street Performance Shocks for BMW R1200RT

Öhlins has a 46mm main piston and an internal gas reservoir within the shock’s main body.

One standout feature is the adjustable damping, providing riders with the flexibility to tailor the shock’s behavior to their preferences.

The BM 438 variant of these shocks fits the 2014-2020 models of BMW R1200RT.

The monotube shock with an internal reservoir ensures high-pressure nitrogen gas charging, contributing to top-level comfort, rideability, and overall performance.

Öhlins offers multiple spring rates, catering to a diverse range of riders and riding conditions.

Crafted with hard-anodized, precision CNC-machined components, the Öhlins STX46 Street Performance Shocks are not only durable but also fully serviceable and repairable.

Tractive X-Cite Shocks for BMW R1200RT

These shocks are equipped with a separation piston, effectively isolating damping oil from pressurized nitrogen gas.

For situations where space is limited or achieving a particularly smooth initial movement is crucial, the X-CITE shock employs an emulsion of damping oil and nitrogen gas.

The spring preload on the X-CITE shock is adjustable to cater to different loading conditions.

The preload adjuster boasts a generous adjustment range, capable of supporting the highest loads.

BMW R1200RT Touratech Lowering Kit

Touratech suspension kit is specifically for non-ESA models and offers a substantial 30mm reduction in height without compromising performance.

The set comprises replacement springs for both the front and rear shock absorbers. Ground clearance is slightly reduced.

Take the motorcycle to a workshop and get the lowering kit installed. Additionally, be prepared for potential side stand and main stand adjustments in terms of length, as mentioned in the kit’s information.

BMW R1200RT Suspension Upgrades

Wilbers Shocks Upgrade for R1200RT

Wilbers 630 Shock has a 36 mm diameter and version 640 has a larger 46 mm diameter.

The adjustability in rebound and preload allows riders to fine-tune their suspension according to their preferences and riding conditions.

One notable feature is the option to assemble the shocks individually, providing the flexibility to raise or lower the seating height.

A key aspect of the Wilbers Suspension Kit is the absence of an external compensating reservoir in the rear suspension.

During the ordering process, they request essential data to ensure the suspension is specially tuned for your needs.

Details such as rider weight, passenger weight, frequency of carrying a passenger, payload, intended purpose (road, terrain, racetrack), and driving style (sporty, tours, off-road) are crucial for the customization process.

Comparing features and benefits of different suspension options.

The Öhlins STX46 Street Performance Line stands out for its 46mm main piston, internal gas reservoir, and adjustable damping.

The Touratech Height Lowering Kit, equipped with progressive springs, offers a unique solution for riders looking to subtly lower their bike’s stance without sacrificing performance.

Wilbers’ model 641 provides a comprehensive 3-way adjustable rear shock for enhanced control.

Best Suspension Upgrade for BMW R1200RT

The Öhlins STX46 stands out as a top-tier suspension upgrade, offering adjustable damping and hydraulic spring preload adjustment.

Its 46mm piston diameter ensures business-like performance, providing a personalized experience tailored to your unique riding style.

What Sets STX46 Apart?

Technical features such as the monotube shock with an internal reservoir and high-pressure nitrogen gas contribute to the STX46’s smooth and controlled ride.

Crafted with precision CNC-machined components, the shock is built for durability, minimizing wear and tear for long-lasting performance.

Maintenance Tips for Upgraded Suspension

After upgrading your suspension, establish a routine for regular checks and inspections.

Ensure that all components are in good condition, with no signs of wear or damage.

Address suspension problems promptly to maintain optimal performance.

Proper lubrication is essential for the longevity of your upgraded suspension components.

Follow the manufacturer’s guidelines for lubricating moving parts and keeping the system clean.

Regular cleaning and maintenance contribute to a smoother and more reliable ride.

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