Yamaha FJR1300 Battery Voltage, Capacity and Dimensions

The Yamaha FJR1300 utilizes a 12V 12AH battery to power the motorcycle’s electrical system and start the engine. The battery has 210 Cold Cranking Amps.

This battery has an output of 144 watts, providing sufficient power for starting as well as running accessories like lighting, instrumentation, and any additional electrical add-ons.

The Yamaha FJR1300 sport touring motorcycle uses a sealed lead-acid battery to power the electric starter and electrical system.

Understanding the proper battery specifications and maintenance is important for optimal performance.

FJR1300 Battery Size

The battery used in all model years of the Yamaha FJR1300 has measurements of Length of 150mm Width of 70mm, and Height of 145mm.

The battery weighs 10.07 lbs. This equates to a compact and standardized size that fits securely in the designated battery box compartment.

Battery Voltage and Capacity

The FJR1300 uses a 12-volt battery. The stock battery has a capacity rating of 12 amp-hours (Ah).

This provides enough power to start the engine and run lights, ignition system, and accessories.

A higher capacity battery (14-18 Ah) can be installed for additional cranking power and to run more add-on accessories.

FJR1300 Battery Location

On the Yamaha FJR1300, the battery is located under the passenger seat.

By removing the passenger seat, the battery box can be accessed containing the motorcycle’s battery.

The centralized location helps distribute weight evenly across the bike.

FJR1300 Battery Price

The MSRP for a replacement YT14B-BS battery that fits all Yamaha FJR1300 model years generally ranges from 150-160 USD.

Pricing varies slightly between manufacturers like Yuasa, All Balls Racing, and Shorai.

FJR1300 Battery Life Expectancy

The average lifespan of the FJR1300 stock battery is 3-4 years.

However, heat, cold weather, frequent short trips, add-ons, and improper charging can shorten battery life.

Testing the charging voltage and load testing the battery every 6 months allows for catching problems early.

Yamaha FJR1300 Battery Voltage, Capacity and Dimensions

FJR1300 Battery Replacement

Replace the battery if it fails to crank the engine(starting problems), needs frequent charging, no longer holds a full charge, or shows signs of damage or swelling.

Preventative replacement at the 3-4 year mark, even if still working, helps avoid being stranded with a dead battery.

FJR 1300 Battery Removal

To remove the battery on an FJR1300, start by taking off the passenger seat which provides access to the battery box. Disconnect the negative cable first followed by the positive lead.

The battery can then be lifted out of the compartment. Proper reversal of this process will install the new battery.

Battery Safety Precautions

Batteries contain sulfuric acid so caution should be used during handling.

Avoid contact with skin, eyes, or clothing. Wear eye protection and gloves when servicing the battery.

Charge in a well-ventilated area and keep sparks or flames away while charging or jump-starting. Dispose of used batteries properly.

Replacement Batteries by Year

The original FJR1300 used a YTX14-BS battery from 2003-2005. In 2006, it was changed to a sealed YTZ14S battery.

From 2006 to the present, the YTZ14S is the correct replacement battery.

Verify the battery type before purchasing a replacement.

Aftermarket Option

Premium aftermarket batteries from brands like Yuasa and Shorai provide higher power and longer life expectancy.

The Shorai LFX14L2-BS12 is a popular lithium-iron-phosphate battery upgrade for the FJR1300.

It weighs just 3 pounds versus the 8-pound stock battery and can last up to 10 years.


The Yamaha FJR1300 utilizes a compact yet powerful 12V 12AH YTZ14S OEM battery to supply the electrical system and high-output engine.

With proper care, the factory battery can deliver 3-4 years of reliable starting and power.

When it’s time to replace it, get a 12V 12AH YTZ14S OEM battery to suit the motorcycle.

Follow proper safety precautions when installing the battery on the FJR1300.

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