Best Year for Honda ST1300: Evolution of an Icon

2009 Honda ST1300 is the model with the most value for money. The 2009 model offers the best combination of features, performance, reliability, and value.

Best Year for a Used ST1300

The best year for Honda ST1300 seems to be 2009. The 2009 model year saw some nice improvements over previous years, including an upgraded EFI system, new instruments, and revised styling.

The 2009 ST1300 got fuel injection improvements for better throttle response and fuel economy.

The instruments were updated with a gear position indicator and ambient temperature gauge.

Styling-wise, the 2009 model received a restyled rear end and new wheels.

Reliability-wise, the ST1300 platform is solid overall, but earlier years had a few issues like regulator/rectifier failures and crunching gearshifts that were addressed by 2009.

With the upgrades for ’09, yet avoiding the spike in MSRP for the final years, the 2009 ST1300 arguably offers the best balance of performance, features, styling, and value when shopping the used market.

Mileage and maintenance history matter most, but for a used ST1300, the 2009 model year hits a nice sweet spot.

What Year ST1300 to Avoid?

Avoid the years 2003-2005 when buying a used ST1300. The first generation of the ST1300 suffered from a few teething issues that were subsequently addressed in later model years.

Specifically, the regulator/rectifier had reliability problems in the early years, with many owners reporting failures.

This component regulates power from the alternator to the battery, so a failure strands you roadside.

Early models commonly had crunching gearshifts.

Additionally, the 2003-2005 years missed out on the styling updates, performance improvements, and new features introduced in the later Generation 2 models.

While any high-mileage or poorly maintained ST1300 is risky, the early Gen 1 years come with a lot of problems.

Paying a slight premium for a well-maintained 2006+ model can pay off by avoiding expensive regulator/rectifier or transmission issues.

For a used ST1300 purchase, the ideal years seem to be 2006-2009 after the initial bugs were worked out but before costs increased in the final years.

Read the following article to learn more about the known issues of ST1300 motorcycles.

Best Honda ST1300 Model Years

The 2nd generation ST1300 models from 2006-2009 represent the best years for Honda St1300 as they offer the best combination of features, performance, reliability, and value.

The 1st generation models from 2003-2005 suffered from some early teething problems that were resolved by the 2nd generation.

Specifically, the regulator/rectifier had reliability issues that could leave riders stranded when it failed.

The gearbox also had problems with crunching shifts.

For the 2nd generation, Honda upgraded to a new fly-by-wire throttle system in 2006 which improved throttle response.

The digital instruments were also updated in 2006 to include gear position and ambient temperature displays.

In 2009, Honda tweaked the EFI for better mid-range power and fuel economy, and gave the ST1300 revised styling refresh including a new rear-end treatment and wheels.

Overall, the 2nd generation models avoided the early reliability glitches, while benefiting from the continuous improvements Honda made over the production run.

Mileage and maintenance history matters most on any used bike purchase, but for the ST1300, the 2006 and 2009 model years stand out as sweet spots. 2009 model can be considered as the best year for Honda ST1300.

The 2006-2007 models get you improved fly-by-wire throttling and instrument displays, while the 2009 benefits from the EFI and styling updates.

These later-generation models offer the best blend of performance, features, and styling without the premium cost of the final 2010-2011 model years.

Best Year for the Honda ST1300

Yearly Changes on ST1300

The ST1300 was introduced in the USA in 2003. The motorcycle went on to become a reliable touring motorcycle with all the practical features.


The Honda ST1300 was first introduced in the US in the year 2003. The first year of the ST1300 featured a 1,300cc V4 engine and shaft drive.

It established the model as a sport touring flagship for Honda. Some issues were reported with regulator/rectifier failures.


Minimal changes for the second model year. Same basic platform with a few color option additions.

Ongoing reports of regulator/rectifier problems.


Adjustments were made to frame and suspension components, but no major changes.

Regulator reliability issues continue to affect the model this year.


Major update with switch to fly-by-wire throttle and upgrades to the instrument panel, including gear indicator and temp gauge.

Reliability improved.


After the big changes in 2006, the 2007 model saw minimal adjustments.

New colors were added along with revisions to mirrors and windscreen.


No major changes this model year. Honda focused on minor styling tweaks like new tank graphics and front fender treatment.


More noticeable updates including styling refresh of the rear bodywork and wheels.

EFI was tweaked for better throttle response and fuel economy. 2009 can be considered the best year for Honda ST1300 as you can get the most features at a decent price.


Honda added its airbag safety system as standard equipment this year, but no other significant changes.


Final year of production. A new ABS braking system was added to bring the ST1300 up to date as Honda shifted focus.

After this point, Honda was only selling the existing inventory. Read the following article to know why Honda decided to stop the production of ST1300.

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