Honda ST1300 Long-Term Ownership: Costs and Maintenance

Honda ST1300 is a comfortable, reliable sport-touring motorcycle with superb build quality. According to the owners, the motorcycle offered great reliability.

The following passage provides a detailed overview of the costs associated with owning a used 2008 Honda ST1300 sport touring motorcycle over 4 years and 50,000 miles.

It analyzes expenses related to the purchase price, insurance, fuel, routine maintenance, repairs, accessories, and retained value.

Comparisons are made to similar motorcycles like the Yamaha FJR1300 and BMW R1200RT.

Tips are also provided for minimizing maintenance and repair costs.

Initial Purchase Price

The Honda ST1300 sport touring motorcycle has an MSRP of around $17,000.

I purchased a used 2008 model with 25,000 miles for $9000. This provided significant savings compared to a new bike.

Insurance Costs

I pay approximately $500 per year to fully insure the ST1300 in my state.

Premiums are reasonable given the bike’s age and value. Insurance costs have remained steady year after year.

Fuel Costs

The ST1300 averages around 40 mpg, which is excellent for a large sport-touring bike.

With gas prices averaging $3/gallon, fuel costs work out to 7.5 cents per mile. Over 10,000 miles per year, I spend $750 on gas.

Routine Maintenance

The ST1300 has been very affordable to maintain. Oil and filter changes cost $65 and are needed every 6,000 miles.

New tires run $300 installed every 10,000 miles.

Coolant flushes, brake fluid changes, and drive belt replacements add another $250 or so per year.

Major Maintenance/Repairs

Thankfully, the ST1300 has required zero major repairs in the 4 years I’ve owned it.

Its liquid-cooled 1,300cc V4 engine is rock solid when properly maintained. The only significant expense was a new battery after 4 years.

Cosmetic Maintenance

Wash your motorcycle after every use to keep it in the best condition. Get the motorcycle washed by professionals once a month or two.

This might cost you a few hundred dollars per year if you’re obsessed with the motorcycle like me.

Potential Problem Areas

Honda ST1300 usually faces heat issues due to coolant leaks or a stuck thermostat. A few riders have reported wobbling issues at high speeds.

The fairings should’ve been designed to protect the rider from engine heat but they fail to do that.

Many riders have reported engine noises and backfiring issues. Read the article linked for a detailed discussion of the known issues of Honda ST1300.

Accessory Costs

I spent $600 on hard saddlebags, a top case, and mounting hardware to equip the ST1300 for touring duty.

A taller windscreen added another $200. These accessories really expand the bike’s capabilities.

Long-Term Ownership Thoughts

Owning this Honda for 50,000 miles over 4 years has cost around $16,380 in the purchase price, maintenance, repairs, insurance, gas, and accessories.

That comes out to only 20 cents per mile – an amazing value for a high-performance, comfortable touring motorcycle.

The ST1300 has required no major repairs despite high mileage, proving its reputation for reliability.

We have an article on what reasons make the ST1300 a good motorcycle.

Total Spent Over 4 Years: $10,000

Resale Value

The Kelley Blue Book trade-in value of my ST1300 is approximately $7,000 given its age and mileage.

That means depreciation has been very reasonable, averaging only $600 per year. Honda sport tourers are known to hold value well.

Refer to the linked article for more info on the value of used ST1300s.

Cost comparison to similar bikes

Below is a comparison of the maintenance costs of FJR1300 and BMW R1200RT.

For the FJR1300

  • The maintenance schedule shows regular services every 8,000 miles. These include oil and filter changes, tire rotations, drive chain lubrication, brake fluid flush, etc.
  • Costs for the 8k service range from $180-300 based on whether it’s performed at home or by a dealership.
  • Valve adjustments are recommended every 16,000 miles at a cost of $400-600.

For the BMW R1200RT

  • Oil changes and inspections are recommended every 6,000 miles. Costs range from $120-180.
  • More major annual services are recommended every 12,000 miles. These cost $350-500.
  • Valve checks are recommended every 30,000 miles. The cost is approximately $800-1200.

In summary

  • The FJR1300 has longer intervals between routine maintenance services, but the total costs per service are slightly higher.
  • The R1200RT requires maintenance more frequently, but the individual services cost less on average.
  • For major valve adjustments/checks, the R1200RT has double the interval (30k vs 16k miles) which reduces long-term costs.

Note: Read our article on ST1300 valve adjustments for more info.

Ways to minimize costs

Owners can significantly reduce maintenance costs on the Honda ST1300 through regular preventative maintenance, doing work themselves, and shopping around for parts.

Simple tasks like oil changes, brake pads, battery replacement, and air filter changes can easily be done at home with basic tools and a service manual.

For bigger jobs, shopping online for OEM or quality aftermarket parts can yield significant savings over dealer prices.

Finally, addressing issues promptly before they worsen, proper break-ins, and not exceeding service intervals will go a long way to minimizing major repairs down the road.


The Honda ST1300 delivers an unbeatable blend of performance, comfort, reliability, and value.

My long-term ownership experience proves this impressive machine can be maintained affordably while providing many miles of adventure.

For riders seeking affordable luxury touring, the ST1300 is a top choice.

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