Honda ST1300 Value Over The Years

Mileage, condition, maintenance history, accessories, color, and market demand play pivotal roles in determining the worth of a used ST1300.

From the debut in 2002 to the final 2012 model, explore how each year contributes to the overall value. Upgrades, market trends, and technological advancements definitely impact the value.

Key Factors Influencing ST1300 Value

The value of a used Honda ST1300 depends on several key factors including mileage, condition, maintenance history, accessories, color/styling, and market demand.

Lower mileage motorcycles in excellent condition tend to command higher prices.

A fully documented maintenance history proving regular dealer service is very desirable.

Upgrades like aftermarket exhausts, luggage, and electronics can add value for some buyers.

More sought-after colors like red or black tend to hold value better.

And when demand for sport touring bikes is high, ST1300 values rise accordingly.

Value Over Time

The ST1300 debuted in 2002, replacing the ST1100.

Early 2000s models in good condition still hold decent value, typically ranging from $4,000-6,000 depending on mileage and equipment.

Depreciation slows down around the 10-year/50,000-mile mark.

On average, the ST1300 loses about $800 in value yearly, but well-maintained examples can defy high mileage.

2002 ST1300 Value

The 2002 model year marked the debut of the Honda ST1300 sport-touring motorcycle.

As the first iteration of an all-new model, the 2002 maintained value well initially.

When new, the MSRP was around $12,999.

Today, 2002 ST1300s in excellent condition with lower miles still bring $5,000-$7,000 on the used market.

As the first model year, and now 20+ years old, the 2002 has higher collectibility by enthusiasts.

2003 ST1300 Value

With the ST1300 still in its infancy, the 2003 model saw minimal changes from the inaugural bike.

Honda made small tweaks to the suspension and instruments, but performance remained largely equal.

As a result, 2003 ST1300 pricing aligns very closely with 2002, in the $5,000-$7,000 range for pristine examples.

The low-mileage 2002 and 2003 models represent the best values available.

2004 ST1300 Value

The 2004 ST1300 brought more noticeable upgrades like a liquid-cooled alternator and throttle-by-wire.

These technology improvements helped maintain slightly stronger values than early editions.

Expect to invest $5,500-$7,500 for a 2004 model in excellent shape with lower miles.

The 2004 refinements kept resale values on par with 2002-2003 pricing.

2005 ST1300 value

The 2005 model saw few changes from the initial 2002-2004 bikes.

By 2005, most depreciation had occurred and average used prices settled around $7,000 when new.

Today, the 2005 ST1300s are in good condition with average miles running $4,000-$5,500 depending on condition, miles, and included options.

2006 ST1300 value

Model year 2006 brought the addition of an anti-lock braking system as an option.

This improved safety helped retain values a bit better.

Expect to pay approximately $4,500-$6,000 for a 2006, assuming similar condition and miles to a 2005.

The ABS option adds a slight premium.

2007 ST1300 value

Honda continued refining the ST1300 in 2007.

Updates included HID projector low beams and an adjustable windscreen. Metallic paint also became standard this year.

These comfort and styling tweaks kept prices on par with 2006 at $4,500-$6,000 for clean examples.

2008 ST1300 value

2008 saw more significant modernization like a new instrument panel and redesigned fairing.

This model trends around $1,000 higher than in 2007, with an average value of $5,000-$6,500.

The styling refresh and upgraded features make 2008s sought after.

2009 ST1300 Value

The 2009 Honda ST1300 saw minimal changes after the more significant refresh in 2008.

Updates included a new seat material and ignition switch shape. No major performance or styling upgrades occurred.

As a result, 2009 ST1300 values remain very close to the 2008 model, averaging between $5,000-$6,500 for low-mileage, excellent condition examples.

The 2008 redesign still kept the 2009 model relatively fresh and desirable.

2010 ST1300 Value

Again, Honda made a few revisions for the 2010 ST1300 versus prior years.

A pearl white color was added along with some graphics packages, but the bike remained technically identical.

With low miles, expect to pay on par with 2009 at $5,000-$6,500.

Higher mile 2010 models may save buyers a few hundred dollars. But 2010 holds a value nearly equal to 2009 overall.

2011 ST1300 Value

The 2011 Honda ST1300 saw no changes versus the 2010 or 2009 before it.

With three straight years of few revisions, values continued very similar trends.

For the 2011, plan on investing $5,000-$6,500 for pristine, low mileage machines.

Models with more wear and tear or over 25,000 miles will sell for less. But the 2011 maintains value well due to the steadiness of the platform.

2012 ST1300 value

As the final model year, low production numbers make the 2012 ST1300 a collector bike.

Values typically exceed $7,000, even with higher miles.

The 2012 model includes accessories like heated grips and traction control that buyers desire.

As the newest iteration available, 2012 models hold value exceptionally well. Read our article on Best Year for ST1300 to know which year of the motorcycle suits your needs.

Compared to Other Models

The ST1300 maintains value well against the previous ST1100, which suffers more from age.

Dollar for dollar, the ST1300 delivers more power, better handling, and modern tech.

Against competitors, the ST1300 tends to equal or exceed the values of bikes like the Yamaha FJR1300, Kawasaki Concours, and BMW K1600.

The ST1300 enjoys an excellent reputation for quality, reliability, and owner satisfaction – key factors that retain value.

Buying and Selling Considerations

ST1300s for sale can be found at local dealers, cycle trader websites, owner forums, and sites like Craigslist.

For buyers, having a mechanic inspect before purchase is wise. Obtaining maintenance records is ideal.

Owners should research local market values when pricing to sell.

Starting high and negotiating down tends to work best. Buyers aim to pay as little as possible, so pricing competitively helps sales.

For current owners, winter months represent good timing to sell as demand rises in spring.

Meanwhile, sellers may get top dollar for desirable limited edition models.

Aftermarket accessories only add value if the buyer wants them, so focus on condition and maintenance.


In summary, the Honda ST1300 continues to hold value well long into its lifetime based on strong Honda quality, owner satisfaction, and riding performance.

Maintenance, condition, and mileage represent the top factors determining resale value.

When shopping, buyers should aim for newer models with complete histories and sellers should market condition and maintenance diligently.

With care, the ST1300 provides many years and miles of riding value.

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