Honda ST1300 Weight, Load Capacity, & Power-Weight Ratio

The Honda ST1300(Standard) weighs around 719 pounds wet weight. The wet weight of the ABS variant of ST1300 is around 730 lbs.

The dry weight of the standard ST1300 is 631 lbs while that of the ABS variant is 637 lbs. Being a larger displacement sport-turing motorcycle, it is a heavier bike overall.

Honda ST1300 Weight

The Pan-European edition is essentially the same motorcycle as the standard ST1300 models.

It shares a wet weight of 719 pounds and a curb weight of 631 pounds.

Honda ST1300 Weight over the years

The Honda ST1300 underwent minimal weight changes from 2005 to 2008, maintaining a consistent wet weight of 719 pounds and a curb weight of 631 pounds.

Despite no significant reductions from 2005 to 2008, the ST1300 experienced incremental weight improvements over its lifespan.

The initial 2003 model weighed 719 lbs, but by the final year, Honda successfully trimmed it down to 689 lbs through adjustments in engine components, chassis, and a thinner seat.

These subtle modifications prevented the ST1300 from gaining weight over the years.

Honda ST1300 Wet Weight

ST1300’s wet weight is 719 to 730 pounds across all model years.

This wet-weight specification includes all fluids and a full tank of fuel. The dry weight ranges from 631 lbs to 637 lbs based on the variant.

st1300 weight specifications

ST1300 Load Capacity

The load capacity of the ST1300 standard version is 418 lbs while that of the ABS variant is 402 lbs.

This is the maximum weight the motorcycle can handle, i.e., includes the weight of the rider and cargo.

ST1300 Gross Vehicle Weight Rating

The GVWR of ST1300 is 1,118 lbs. This means the maximum total combined weight of a vehicle, including passengers, cargo, fuel, tongue weight (if towing), and all other items.

Honda ST1300: Front-rear Weight Distribution

The front/rear weight distribution of the ST1300 is 45%/55% biased to the rear wheel.

This center of gravity contributes to the bike’s neutral steering and stability.

Heavy braking sees more weight transfer to the front tire, allowing strong braking force.

A front-end nose dive is commonly experienced by ST1300 riders.

Effect of Weight on Handling

The Honda ST1300 feels heavy when taking a turn. The motorcycle feels underpowered as it’s heavy. It is heavier than the FJR1300 and the BMW R1250RT.

ST1300 Liquid Weight

The ST1300 has a fuel capacity of 7.1 gallons. Gasoline weighs around 6 lbs per gallon, so a full tank adds over 40 lbs.

The ST1300 tips the scales with 91 lbs of fluids other than fuel when wet weights are compared to dry.

Engine oil, coolant, brake fluid, and other lubricants account for this difference.

The extensive fairings and shaft drive system require more fluids than a naked bike. But fluids also enable the ST1300 to reliably tour long distances.

ST1300FJR1300BMW R 1200RT
90-degree V4 EngineInline 4 Engineflat-twin engine
1261 cc1298 cc1170 cc
117hp @ 8000 rpm141 @ 8000 RPM136hp @ 7750 RPM
631 lbs dry weight582 lbs dry weight504 lbs dry weight

Honda ST1300 Chassis weight

Honda selected aluminum instead of steel for its lighter weight and durability advantages.

The engine itself weighs around 230 lbs – heavy, but Honda mitigated this with an aluminum alloy subframe and rigid swingarm.

High-strength steel and careful engineering balance rigidity and weight savings throughout the chassis.

Honda ST1300 Power-to-Weight Ratio

The ST1300 strikes an impressive power-to-weight ratio benchmark, with 129.5 hp moving each pound.

This muscle combines with the V4 engine’s torque to give effortless acceleration, especially at highway speeds where the ST1300 excels.

Dropping accessory weight improves the power-to-weight ratio further.

Weight with Luggage

With plush touring amenities, the ST1300 can bulk up considerably. Saddlebags, a passenger backrest, and other accessories add pounds quickly.

A fully outfitted ST1300 for long-range touring could approach 750 lbs wet.

Riders aiming to travel light can stay under 700 lbs with minimal luggage. Being mindful of loading helps keep handling crisp.


While exotic lightweight materials like carbon fiber, titanium, and magnesium could pare pounds, the ST1300 focuses on real-world reliability and cost.

The bike keeps its robust aluminum frame instead of a high-dollar composite alternative.

For Honda, reasonable weight takes a backseat to maximizing touring comfort and performance.

With smart design and engineering, Honda created an admirable balance in the ST1300.

It delivers ample power in a refined package without pushing the limits of extreme lightness.

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