Honda ST1300PA Police Motorcycle Special Features

The information aims to give law enforcement and motorcycle enthusiasts details on Honda’s purpose-built police bike based on their sport touring platform.

The article covers key differences between the ST1300PA and ST1300P models, police-specific accessories, and features.

Installation instructions for police equipment like a Code 3 switch panel, specs and capabilities, and any known issues with the ST1300PA variant.

Key topics include the unique performance, handling, comfort, and electronics integration that adapt the ST1300PA for patrol and enforcement duties.

Does Honda make a Police Motorcycle?

Yes, the Honda ST1300PA is a police motorcycle specifically designed for law enforcement use.

The ST1300PA model features Honda’s powerful 1261cc V4 engine and Combined Anti-Lock Braking System (ABS) for confident braking.

Honda also manufactures the ST1300P police motorcycle. The ST1300P was released in 2011, and the ST1300PA has extra alternator juice, extra batteries, hard cases, and an Oxford heat controller.

Honda ST1300PA vs Honda ST1300P

Honda ST1300P has a stiffer and harsher suspension to handle heavier loads.┬áThe “P” bikes don’t carry passengers, so the rear shock/spring doesn’t have to carry that 150 lbs.


Honda ST1300PA has a few extra parts on the swingarm, such as dust seals and spacers.

Hard cases

Honda ST1300PA has hard cases where you can mount weapons, lights, a siren, and a radius that communicates with dispatch.

Oxford heat controller

The ST1300PA has an Oxford heat controller so you can stay warm when it’s chilly outside.

Honda ST1300PA Police Accessories

The ST1300PA comes equipped with several specialized accessories for police work including:

  • Brackets for mounting lights, sirens, antennas, and other electronics
  • Adjustable solo seat
  • Multi-function handlebar controls
  • Protective engine guards with accessory mounting brackets
  • Rear component cover for weather protection

Additional options are available from Honda and aftermarket suppliers to customize the bike for the specific needs of the police department.

Honda ST1300PA Police Top Speed

Honda does not publish an official top-speed figure for the ST1300PA.

However, riders report being able to achieve speeds over 135 mph in stock form.

With only minor modifications, the 1261cc engine is capable of powering the bike to top speeds approaching 150 mph.

Read the linked article for more info on ST1300’s top speed.

Honda ST1300PA Police Specifications

Engine TypeLiquid-cooled 1,261cc DOHC 90-degree V4 engine
Horsepower126 horsepower at 8,000 rpm
Torque85 ft-lbs at 6,500 rpm
Top SpeedElectronically limited to 135 mph
Fuel EfficiencyApproximately 40 mpg
Frame and SwingarmAluminum twin-spar frame and swingarm
SuspensionFront: 43mm cartridge fork with 4.8 inches of travel, Rear: Single shock absorber with 4.4 inches of wheel movement and adjustable spring preload
WheelsFront: 120/70ZR18, Rear: 170/60ZR17
BrakesFront: Dual 310mm rotors with 3-piston calipers, Rear: Single 316mm rotor
Wheelbase62.1 inches
Seat Height31.7 inches
Electronics and TechnologyAnti-Lock Braking System (ABS), Linked Braking System (LBS), cruise control
InstrumentationAll-LCD display showing speed, rpm, fuel level, temperature, gear position, clock
LightingDual H4 bulbs for the headlight, LEDs for taillight, turn signals, and accent lighting
Comfort and ErgonomicsAdjustable rider seat, passenger backrest, electrically adjustable windscreen, wind protection, spacious cockpit environment, staggered footpegs, passenger grab rails
WeightStandard version – 631 lbs
ABS variant 637 lbs

The Honda ST1300PA is a sport-touring motorcycle with a 1,261cc liquid-cooled DOHC 90-degree V4 engine producing 126 horsepower and 85 ft-lbs torque.

It has a 5-speed transmission and shaft final drive.

The twin-spar aluminum frame and swingarm provide responsive handling.

The suspension consists of a 43mm cartridge fork and a single rear shock absorber, both fully adjustable.

Dual 310mm front and single 316mm rear disc brakes with ABS.

Wheelbase is 62.1 inches, rake 26 degrees, trail 3.9 inches. Seat height 31.7 inches adjustable. Curb weight 631-637 lbs.

Advanced features include LED lighting, electric windscreen adjustment, an all-LCD display, linked ABS braking system.

Large storage capacity from saddlebags and top case. Adjustable rider ergonomics for comfort.

The ST1300PA combines power, comfort, technology, and storage capacity for long-distance sport-touring.

Fuel-injected 1261cc V4 engine provides usable power with good efficiency.

The chassis and suspension offer stability and handling. Amenities like ABS, cruise control, and adjustable windscreen enhance the ride.

Overall an iconic and balanced sport-touring package from Honda.

The ST1300PA combines Honda’s signature smooth V4 power, handling, and reliability with specialized features tailored for law enforcement duties.

Over 20 years of refinement have gone into this purpose-built police bike. Refer to the linked article for a detailed discussion of ST1300 specifications.

st1300pa police specifications

ST1300PA Specific Features

Special police speedometer graduated in 2mph increments.

Integrated mounts for police equipment and wiring.

The ST1300PA comes with a VFL switch panel to help control different features on the motorcycle.

Code 3 VFL Switch Panel

Below are the installation instructions for a Code 3 VFL Switch Panel on a Honda ST1300 Police motorcycle.

  • The switch panel provides controls for various police equipment like lights, sirens, radios, etc.
  • Wiring instructions are provided to integrate the switch panel with the bike’s electrical system.
  • The switch panel mounts to the left handlebar using the supplied clamp.
  • Power for the switch panel is tapped from the bike’s accessory fuse.
  • Ground wires must be properly connected for full functionality.
  • Switch functions include horn, high/low siren, PA, radio, takedown lights, alley lights, wig-wags, etc.
  • Detailed wiring diagrams show how to connect each switch to the appropriate component.
  • Properly integrating the switch panel provides police officers quick access to equipment controls during patrol.

In summary, it provides instructions for installing a Code 3 switch panel on a Honda ST1300 police bike to control various police electronics and lighting from convenient handlebar switches.

Optional Police Accessories for the ST1300PA

Optional police accessories include lights, sirens, radio communication equipment, luggage, and other electronic devices for law enforcement use.

The ST1300PA comes with an integrated police radio system. The motorcycle has additional lights and sirens to suit the needs of a police officer.

This variant of the ST1300 gets a larger alternator to support the other accessories.

Handlebars were raised 20mm and the width was increased by 13.5mm for enhanced rider comfort.

The ST1300PA gets specialized brackets for lights, sirens, antenna mounts, and radio/electronic equipment.

The motorcycle gets a rear component cover to protect the electronics from wear and tear.

ST1300PA Police Owners Review

Few ST1300PA riders have reported alternator issues and problems with radio boxes.

Few riders have reported that the icing from doughnuts had damaged paint on police motorcycles.

Some of the police officers have traded their one-year-old motorcycles for new ones.

It is hard to find a used ST1300PA motorcycle, you better find the standard version of it.


In summary, Honda’s ST1300PA is a purpose-built police motorcycle variant of their sport-touring ST1300 platform.

It offers unique capabilities for law enforcement use including a powerful 1261cc V4 engine, specialized mounts, wiring, and accessories for police electronics and lighting.

The ST1300PA differs from the standard model with enhancements like stiffer suspension, hard cases, and an Oxford heating controller.

Installation instructions are provided for police-specific equipment like the Code 3 switch panel. Specs highlight advanced features that adapt the ST1300 for patrol duties.

Known issues are minor and include alternator problems in some bikes.

For law enforcement needing a capable, comfortable touring motorcycle tailored for police work, the Honda ST1300PA is a top choice.

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