Is the Honda ST1300 a Good Bike? (Build Quality & Ride Quality)

The Honda ST1300 is a reliable, premium touring motorcycle that was first introduced in 2002. The motorcycle is easy to ride and has a comfortable seat. ST1300 has a good engine but it feels top-heavy. The power delivery is smooth and the vibrations are kept minimal. Honda ST1300’s build quality is top-notch.

It has an upright yet sporty riding position perfect for days spent on the open road.

ST1300 Engine Performance

Honda ST1300 has a liquid-cooled 1261cc V4 engine.

This powerplant produces a strong 126 horsepower at 8000 rpm and 89 ft-lbs of torque at 6500 rpm.

The V4 configuration provides smooth power delivepory with a distinctive exhaust note.

Fuel injection metering ensures excellent throttle response and fuel efficiency. Surprisingly, the power delivery is decent too considering the weight of the motorcycle.

Read our linked article for more information on the Engine Specifications of ST1300.

The stout engine provides effortless passing power at highway speeds and is capable of propelling the 670-pound bike to a top speed of over 135 mph.

Honda ST1300 Ride Quality

While comfortable, the ST1300 still handles impressively thanks to its sportbike DNA.

It features inverted front forks, a twin-spar aluminum frame, and a shaft drive system.

The suspension soaks up bumps nicely to limit rider fatigue. At low speeds, the bike feels upright and well-balanced. This is why it is easy to ride the ST1300.

The vibrations are contained well in the Honda ST1300.

Once underway, it takes on agile characteristics more akin to a supersport machine.

The ST1300 banks confidently into corners and changes direction willingly.

The linked braking system with ABS provides strong, drama-free stops.

Honda ST1300 Comfort and Ergonomics

The ST1300 offers comfort for both rider and passenger during long stints in the saddle. The rider triangle position is relaxed yet active, making the motorcycle easy to ride.

The seat is well padded and the passenger grab rails and pegs ensure a comfortable perch.

Wind protection comes from the adjustable windscreen which can be positioned based on rider height.

The fairing also provides weather protection. Dual fans direct heat off the rider.

Convenient handlebar-mounted controls fall readily to hand.

Overall, the ST1300 finds the right balance between comfort and sporty capability.

Honda ST1300 Luggage Capacity

A hallmark of the ST1300 is its integrated storage capacity, making it an ideal long-distance sport tourer.

It has lockable compartments built into the fairing that hold a total of nearly 50 liters.

The rear trunk under the passenger seat adds another 50 liters. With the standard saddlebags installed, the total carrying capacity is an impressive 150 liters.

This means you can pack enough gear for a multi-day trip. Read the linked article for a detailed discussion of ST1300’s storage specs.

The ST1300 has the luggage prowess to make weekend getaways or extended tours very feasible.

Honda ST1300 Technology and Features

Along with its ample power and storage, the ST1300 incorporates useful technology and features.

It has an adjustable windscreen, cruise control, and heated grips – all aimed at reducing fatigue.

The anti-lock brakes enhance control in slippery conditions. The instrumentation includes analog gauges and a digital display.

There’s also an audio system with FM/AM radio and speakers integrated into the fairing.

Additional niceties include self-canceling turn signals, adjustable preload suspension, and auto-on LED headlights.

Honda ST1300 Reliability and Ownership Costs

The ST1300 garners praise for its reliability. Honda ST1300’s build quality is superb as it was designed to last a lifetime.

With proper care and maintenance, the ST1300 can easily achieve 100,000+ miles.

The shaft final drive requires no adjustment or maintenance.

Aside from consumables like tires and brakes, the ST1300 is relatively affordable to own.

Fuel efficiency hovers around 40 mpg. Insurance and licensing costs are reasonable.

Service costs are on par with other liter-class bikes.

Overall, the ST1300 makes touring accessible thanks to its dependability and sensible operating costs. Our article on ownership costs goes in detail about the costs of owning the machine.

Comparing the ST1300 to Other Sport Touring Bikes

The ST1300 competed in the sport touring segment against other liter-class machines like the Yamaha FJR1300 and Kawasaki Concours 14.

The FJR1300 matches the ST1300’s engine at 126HP while the Concours makes 141HP.

However, the ST1300’s front fairing storage and 50+ MPG fuel efficiency help it stand out. Take a look at our article ST1300 vs FJR1300 for a detailed article.

The Yamaha offers adjustable suspension but less wind protection while the Kawasaki has better tech but is less nimble.

Compared to heavyweight touring bikes, the ST1300 provides greater agility and sportiness for riders wanting that fun factor on tours.

The ST1300 for Commuting and Everyday Riding

While created for touring, the versatile ST1300 serves double duty as an everyday commuting and general riding bike.

Its upright seating position allows riders to stay comfortable when navigating urban traffic.

The engine offers a great low-end punch to zip away from lights and merge onto highways.

ABS brakes provide added safety and security.

Conveniences like luggage compartments, cruise control, and heated grips make running errands simpler.

And you’ll have a true sport bike to carve up the canyons on weekends. The ST1300 morphs between roles with ease.

Customization and Accessory Options

One advantage of the ST1300’s touring design is the ease of adding accessories and customizing the bike.

With integrated mounting points and electric connections already in place, adding GPS, extra lighting, charging ports, and audio components is simplified.

Hard saddlebags and trunks expand the cargo room. Comfort enhancements like gel seats, grip warmers, and adjustable windshields can be added.

Suspension upgrades, exhaust systems, and other performance mods are also popular options.

With so many accessories available, riders can truly customize their ST1300.

Honda ST1300 Resale Value

The ST1300 has earned a reputation for retaining its value well.

Models with lower mileage in good condition often sell for only 25-40% less than the original MSRP even after 10 years.

The bike’s reputation for quality, sensible price point when new, and strong following among sport-touring enthusiasts help buoy resale prices.

The ST1300 appeals to a wide range of riders from commuters to cross-country tourists.

Honda’s reputation for reliability also instills buyer confidence.

Altogether, the ST1300 is a bike that holds value better than many competitors. Read the linked article to learn how ST1300 holds value even after so many years.

Common Issues and Problems

While generally reliable, the ST1300 can experience some common issues to look out for when shopping.

Some owners report problems with the fuel pump failing prematurely.

Fuel injection gremlins can arise on higher mileage bikes.

The suspension, particularly the rear shock, may need rebuilding after 50k miles of loaded touring.

Other known issues include flaking paint around mounting points, melting wiring under the seat, and pitting chrome on exhaust headers. We have a great article on the known issues of ST1300.

Take time to thoroughly inspect any bike and ask for maintenance records.

Is the ST1300 Worth the Investment?

The superior build quality makes the Honda ST1300 reliable among the competition.

For riders seeking a reliable sport-touring motorcycle with great build quality, the Honda ST1300 represents an attractive option.

Offering comfort, performance, and sensible operating costs in one stylish package, it hits a sweet spot between heavyweight couch-like tourers and peaky supersport machines.

Maintained properly, the ST1300 can log triple-digit mileage while providing grin-inducing handling.

Given Honda’s reputation for quality and the ST1300’s proven track record, it is very much worth the investment for the sport-touring rider.

Is the Honda ST1300 a Good Bike?: Our Verdict

After reviewing all its strengths and capabilities, our verdict is a definitive yes – the Honda ST1300 is an exceptionally good bike.

Its powerful V4 engine provides exhilarating performance while still returning excellent fuel economy.

The sporty chassis and suspension supply agile handling ideal for carving up twisty roads.

Thoughtful ergonomics allow full days in the saddle without undue fatigue.

Integrated storage compartments and touring amenities make cross-country excursions very feasible.

Topped off with Honda’s legendary reliability, the ST1300 is a smart choice to do it all, from commuting to weekend trips to extended touring.

For these reasons, we give our wholehearted endorsement of the ST1300 as a fantastic sport-touring motorcycle.

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