Kawasaki Concours 14 Common Problems (8 Known Issues!)

Known issues of Kawasaki Concours 14 are fuel injection glitches to ABS braking woes, electrical mysteries, cooling system hassles, engine oil consumption, transmission woes, and suspension discomfort.

Learn about these issues, their potential causes, and the steps you can take to address or prevent them.

Concours 14 Problems in Fuel Injection

One of the most widely reported issues on the Concours 14 is problems with the fuel injection system.

Symptoms include poor fuel mileage, loss of power, rough idle, stalling, and hard starting.

The fuel injection uses an electronic control unit (ECU) to regulate fuel delivery and ignition timing.

Glitches in the ECU maps or faulty sensors can cause injection issues.

Some common faults include failure of the crankshaft position sensor, camshaft position sensor, air temperature sensor, and throttle position sensor.

Dirty fuel injectors and a weak fuel pump can also affect injection performance.

Fix the fuel injection issues by cleaning or replacing affected components like sensors, and fuel injectors, or even replacing the entire fuel injection computer.

ABS Braking Problems

ABS problems have been experienced by many riders.

Issues include brake pulsing, loss of braking power, and ABS warning lights illuminating the dash.

The ABS uses wheel speed sensors and hydraulic valves to modulate braking force under hard stops.

Problems seem to stem from faulty wheel sensors and issues with the ABS hydraulic control unit.

Replacing the control unit or the entire ABS assembly can be an expensive fix.

Disabling ABS as a temporary measure is possible but reduces braking performance.

Concours 14 Electrical Issues

Many Concours 14 owners report electrical issues. Faulty stators, voltage regulators, ECUs, and blown fuses are often reported.

These can cause issues with the engine not starting, or the battery not charging properly.

Faulty wiring harnesses that chafe and short out have also been reported. Strange electrical gremlins are frustrating and take time to diagnose.

Checking battery connections, fuse boxes, and wiring for any issues is wise. Intermittents can be challenging to isolate.

Cooling System Hassles

Some of the common Concours 14 Problems include issues with the cooling system ranging from coolant leaks, overheating, and fans not activating properly

Common fixes include bleeding the cooling system of trapped air, replacing cracked hoses, fixing bad fan relays, or even replacing the radiator if severely clogged.

Overheating can lead to severe engine damage.

Monitoring coolant levels, checking fan operation, and frequent coolant flushes are wise preventative maintenance.

Engine Oil Consumption

Excessive oil consumption is another complaint from some Concours 14 riders.

Oil levels decreasing rapidly between changes could indicate worn piston rings or valve guide seals.

Oil leaks should also be ruled out first. A compression test can confirm if the piston ring seal is compromised.

Fixing involves a top-end engine rebuild to install new piston rings and seals, which is costly. For those not mechanically inclined, this repair is best left to a professional.

kawasaki concours known issues

Transmission Woes

Transmission problems are also reported by Concours 14 owners.

Symptoms include difficult shifting, gears slipping under acceleration, and inability to find neutral.

Heavy use causes wear of shift forks, detent springs, and gears in the transmission. Fixing issues requires splitting the cases and replacing worn components.

Thankfully, complete transmission failures are not widely reported. But worn gears can still hinder proper shifting.

Concours 14 Problems: Harsh Suspension

Finally, the suspension of the Concours 14 draws criticism from some owners.

The rear mono-shock absorber lacks rebound and compression damping adjustability.

Riders report the rear shock feels too stiff even when the sag is set properly.

Front forks also provide a harsh ride on bumpy roads. Improving suspension comfort can be difficult without upgrading to aftermarket components.

This adds expense but may be worthwhile for those logging high miles.

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Concours 14 KIPASS Malfunction

The Kawasaki Intelligent Proximity Activation Start System (KIPASS) on older Kawasaki Concours 14 models was one of the most common Concours 14 Problems as reported by many riders.

KIPASS failures caused minor to major functionality issues.

KIPASS is an immobilizer system on the bike’s keys.

It allows communication between the Electronic Control Unit (ECU) and the ignition key using radio waves.

If the key and ECU fail to communicate, the system malfunctions.

The bike becomes unresponsive even with the key inserted. The motorcycle will not start.

KIPASS provides theft deterrence by increasing security. It is difficult to bypass.

When KIPASS fails, the bike does not start. It requires the key to be within inches of the ignition to allow access as a safety measure.

Some solutions for a failing KIPASS system are:

  • Ensure the key is fully inserted in the ignition.
  • Lubricate the KIPASS actuator.
  • Check battery terminal connections.
  • Check if the battery is charged.
  • Check fuses.
  • Remove and reinsert the KIPASS fuse.
  • Replace the ignition switch.
  • Replace the ECU.

If none of those solve the issue, a new KIPASS system may need installation. This can be expensive for bikes out of warranty.

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