Kawasaki Concours 14 Specifications and Features (Explained!)

Concours 14 offers riders a balance between stability and agility. Plus, explore the luxurious comfort and thoughtful ergonomics that make it a technological tour de force.

Whether you’re a performance enthusiast or a long-distance traveler, this motorcycle promises an unparalleled experience.

CategoryConcours 14
Engine 1,352cc engine
Horsepower154.45 HP @ 8,800 RPM
Torque103 lb-ft of torque
Top SpeedOver 150 mph (unrestricted)
Fuel Efficiency40-45 mpg
FrameAluminum monocoque
Suspension43mm inverted cartridge forks, adjustable
Wheels and TiresLightweight six-spoke wheels
Radial tire sizes: 120/70 front, 190/50 rear
BrakesDual front brake discs (310mm), radial calipers
Single rear brake disc (250mm)
DimensionsWheelbase: 59.8 inches
Seat Height: Adjustable between 31.1-32.3 inches
Handling CharacteristicsBalanced stability and agility
Sportbike-like steering and mid-corner manners
Traction ControlKTRC traction control
ABSK-ACT ABS with optimized front-rear brake force
Power ModesThree selectable power modes
InstrumentationHigh-tech instrument panel
LED displays for key information
Lighting EquipmentQuad headlights with low and high beams
LED tail lights
Self-leveling headlights
Wind ProtectionElectronically adjustable windscreen
Seat Design and AdjustmentsTwo-piece seat, adjustable height
Cockpit and Control LayoutConvenient control layout

Engine and Performance

The Concours 14 comes with impressive horsepower and torque figures, innovative engine technology, remarkable top speeds, and surprising fuel efficiency.

Horsepower and Torque Figures

The 1,352cc powerplant churns out class-leading peak figures of 136 horsepower and 103 lb-ft of torque.

The power is delivered smoothly, and linearly thanks to the oversquare engine dimensions that allow high-rpm power.

This gives the Concours 14 potent thrust throughout the rev range.

Engine Technology

To optimize performance, Kawasaki equipped the engine with dual throttle valves and sub-throttles for precision response and combustion efficiency.

The ram air intake boosts power at higher rpm by forcing more air into the engine.

A slipper clutch enables smooth downshifts and helps prevent rear-wheel hop.


The Kawasaki Concours 14, also known as ZG1400, has an impressive 6-speed return shift transmission system and a tetra lever shaft drive.

The wet, multi-disc clutch system ensures smooth engagement and disengagement of power to the rear wheel.

With a Primary Reduction Ratio of 1.556:1 and a Final Reduction Ratio of 2.036:1, the Concours 14 exhibits excellent gear ratios for optimal performance.

Top Speed

This abundantly powerful engine allows the Concours 14 to achieve a top speed of over 150 mph when unrestricted.

Even with touring gear and a passenger, there’s enough thrust to effortlessly maintain illegal highway speeds all day long.

Fuel Efficiency

Despite the muscular power output, the Concours 14 still delivers excellent fuel economy of around 40-45 mpg during normal riding conditions.

Coupled with the 5.8-gallon fuel tank, it has a range of over 220 miles between fill-ups.

Note: Here’s a detailed comparison between Concours 14 and FJR1300

kawasaki concours 14 specifications

Chassis and Handling

Concours 14 has a lightweight yet rigid aluminum construction and a finely tuned suspension.

The agile handling characteristics come together to deliver an exceptional sport touring experience.

Frame and Swingarm Construction

An aluminum monocoque frame provides the Concours 14 with a lightweight yet very rigid chassis structure.

This allows the suspension components and engine to perform their best without flex. Mated to the frame is a rigid aluminum swingarm optimized for sport touring loads.

Suspension Components

Up front are 43mm inverted cartridge forks with preload and rebound damping adjustability. The rear suspension is a Bottom Link Uni-Trak design also with adjustable preload.

This supple, sportbike-tuned suspension smooths out harsh pavement and provides stability in the curves.

Wheels, Tires and Brakes

Lightweight six-spoke wheels help reduce unsprung weight. Radial tire sizes are 120/70 up front and 190/50 out back.

The braking system on the Kawasaki Concours 14 is 310mm dual front brake discs with radial-mount calipers.

A single rear 250mm disc completes the package.


With a wheelbase of 59.8 inches, seat height of 31.1-32.3 inches adjustable, and wet weight of 674 pounds with a full tank, the Concours provides stability without losing maneuverability.

Handling Characteristics

The Concours 14 strikes an ideal balance between stability and agility.

Its aluminum chassis and sportbike-derived suspension offer responsive steering and mid-corner manners more akin to a supersport than a touring bike.

The chassis geometry facilitates easy turn-in while remaining planted through sweepers.

The linked brakes help stabilize the chassis under hard deceleration too.

Electronics and Technology

The Concours 14 is equipped with advanced technological aids that make the rider’s life easy.

Traction Control, ABS, and Other Riding Aids

A suite of advanced electronics enhances the riding experience. The KTRC traction control monitors wheel slip and adjusts power smoothly to maximize grip.

The K-ACT ABS prevents wheel lock-ups with optimized front-rear brake force distribution.

There are also three selectable power modes to alter throttle response based on conditions.

Instrumentation and Dashboard

A high-tech instrument panel includes an analog tachometer flanked by LCDs for the digital speedometer, fuel gauge, clock, coolant temperature, gear position indicator, and odometer.

Riding mode, traction control setting, and warning lights are also clearly displayed when activated.

Lighting Equipment

The Concours 14 features quad headlights with low beams and high beams for brilliant illumination.

LED tail lights enhance visibility and give it a high-tech look.

Self-leveling capabilities aim the headlights into the corners. The windscreen raises to divert airflow away from the rider’s torso.

Comfort and Ergonomics

Experience the epitome of comfort and convenience in the Kawasaki Concours 14.

The motorcycle has electronically adjustable wind protection, rider-friendly seat adjustments, and a thoughtfully designed cockpit.

Wind Protection

The electronically adjustable windscreen provides significant wind protection that can be optimized for conditions and rider height.

Lowering the screen reduces buffeting while the raised position cuts through the wind. Deflectors on the lower fairing also help divert wind blasts.

Seat Design and Adjustments

The locking side cases offer room for helmets and touring accessories. The stepped two-piece seat separates the rider and passenger while remaining slim to reach the ground.

Seat height can be adjusted between 31.1 and 32.3 inches.

Cockpit and Control Layout

The cockpit layout places controls within easy reach. Bar risers allow the rider to tailor the ergonomics.

Accessory grip heaters and a 12V power port are also conveniently provided. The relaxed riding position reduces fatigue on long journeys.

In addition to astonishing performance, the Concours 14 pampers riders with creature comforts and amenities.

The adjustable wind protection, comfy seat, cavernous storage, and high-tech electronics make it a technological tour de force.

Even after racking up miles, the Concours 14 leaves riders feeling invigorated and enthralled by the ride.

Its combination of capabilities makes it arguably the ultimate modern sport touring machine.

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