How To Lower A BMW R1200RT? (Explained!)

The BMW R1200RT is a popular touring motorcycle known for its comfort and handling.

However, its seat height of 32.3 inches can be daunting for shorter riders.

Thankfully, there are several ways to lower the R1200RT’s ride height.

BMW R1200RT Seat Height Adjustment

The most straightforward way to lower the R1200RT is to install a lower seat.

BMW offers a Low Seat as an accessory that reduces seat height by 1.2 inches to 31.1 inches.

The Low Seat has identical padding and covers as the stock seat for uncompromised comfort. Swapping the seats is a quick 10-minute job.

Owners can also look into aftermarket low seats that can provide even more height reduction.

Seats like the Russell Day-Long and Sargent World Sport Lower offer seat heights of 30-30.5 inches for a 1.5+ inch reduction.

These seats use different foam shapes and densities to maintain a comfortable shape at the lower height.

What is the Low Seat Height for the 2010 BMW R1200R?

The 2010 BMW R1200R stock seat height is 33.1 inches.

BMW Low Seat

BMW offered a Low Seat option for this model that brings the seat height down by 1.2 inches to 31.9 inches.

This is the same Low Seat used on other R1200 models like the RT.

Aftermarket options can further lower the R1200R’s seat height.

The Russell Day-Long provides a 30.9-inch seat height, while the Sargent World Sport Low Seat goes down to 30.7 inches.

Both seats use specialized foam to provide good comfort at their lower heights.

Suspension Adjustments

Lowering the suspension is another way to reduce seat height.

On the R1200RT, the front can be lowered up to 0.8 inches by adjusting the telescopic fork tubes in the triple clamps.

The rear can be lowered up to 0.8 inches by adjusting the rear shock linkage.

These adjustments will result in firmer suspension and reduced travel, so they should be done carefully.

Read the following article for more info on the common problems of R1200RT. The article discusses suspension problems too.

Handling Considerations

While lowering the R1200RT can help shorter riders, it does change the bike’s handling.

The bike’s center of gravity and front-end geometry will be altered.

Reducing the seat height beyond an inch starts to significantly impact ground clearance as well.

Riders should be aware of these effects and test ride properly before lowering too much.

With care, judicious lowering can help many riders enjoy these big BMWs.

How To Lower A BMW R1200RT?

BMW R1200RT Lowering Kits Installation

‘Hyperpro’ offers lowering kits for a 30 to 40-millimeter reduction in seat height.

Innovative design principles, such as using progressive springs, ensure a smooth and comfortable ride without compromising performance.

The unique spring rate design ensures optimal performance, preventing bottoming out and providing an upgraded suspension feel.

Enjoy the flexibility to lower your bike in incremental steps, achieving the perfect fit and improving your overall riding experience.


If you lower the motorcycle using lowering kits, the ground clearance decreases too. It reduces ground clearance. This means the bike is more likely to scrape or bottom out on bumps, dips, driveways, etc. This can limit where you can ride the bike.

You might need to adjust the height of fairings, exhaust, and kickstands if the motorcycle is lowered.

Lowering BMW R1200RT seat can negatively impact the handling and performance of the bike.

Lowering the bike changes the geometry and center of gravity, which can make the bike less stable, especially at high speeds or when cornering.

The suspension may not work as effectively. Shortening the suspension can reduce travel and the ability of the front and rear suspension to absorb impacts. This leads to a harsher, less comfortable ride.

It can be difficult and expensive to reverse. Putting the bike back to its original height requires replacement parts and expert mechanical skills. So lowering is often a permanent change.

The modification may void the bike’s factory warranty. Owners should check if altering the height goes against the terms of the warranty.


Lowering the motorcycle beyond a few inches is against the regulations in many states across the U.S. due to safety concerns.

Check regional laws before you modify the R1200RT.


Lowering kits subtly improves the R1200RT’s aesthetics by reducing the gap between components.

Lowered shocks clean up the rear, you may opt to shorten the front springs to provide a more balanced look.

The motorcycle will lose its original styling if you lower it too much.


Budget $500-1500 for parts and professional installation.

Seat work runs $300-600 for quality components and fabrication.

Doing the work yourself cuts costs but requires expertise.


More frequent shock service and linkage wear as the suspension components receive greater loads on the lowered R1200RT.

Closely monitor tire clearance and watch for unexpected vibration or noise. If you notice this on your R1200RT, go to a mechanic immediately.


An R1200RT owner can lower the seat by shaving the excess foam off the seat. The BMW low seat is a great way to optimize the motorcycle for short riders.

Low seats are the simplest, most reversible way to improve reach.

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