How to lower FJR1300? (Lowering the Suspension, Lowering Kits)

Some riders prefer to sit lower on the FJR1300. Not only do short riders prefer this but it is often done for aesthetic purposes.

While lowering can impact handling and clearance, matched front and rear changes allow riders to tailor the height for an optimal fit.

With tips from reputable brands and notes on finding the right balance between comfort and performance, riders of all sizes can enhance their experience on this popular sport-touring bike.

Shave the Seat Foam

Customization options allow you to tailor the seat to your preferences, such as thinning the front section for shorter riders and leaving extra space in the back for comfort.

This modification not only enhances your riding experience but also stands out as a cost-effective and straightforward solution.

Also, you don’t even need to touch the suspension setup. This makes it a safer option compared to the rest.

Lower Seat Options

Yamaha has a 30.3-inch Accessory Comfort Seat as an option for the FJR1300 which lowers the seat height by ~1.5 inches.

This compact seat uses high-density urethane foam padding covered in high-grip textured vinyl material to stay firmly in place.

If you want to replace the seat, look at the one sold by ‘Corbin’.

It might not be as comfortable as the stock seat but it lowers the seat height.

Tip: We have clear instructions on our blog on how to remove the FJR1300 seat.

Lower the Suspension on FJR1300

One can lower the suspension of the FJR1300 by installing aftermarket lowering kits.

Soupy’s lowering links kit

Direct replacement lowering links compatible with 2006+ Yamaha FJR1300 models. The kit Bolts directly onto stock mount points using the factory bolts.

Adjustable between stock height and 4 inches (100 mm) lower Allows customizing rear ride height for better foot placement

Same thickness as factory links to retain nut/bolt locking ability. Made from corrosion-resistant zinc-coated steel, 1/2-inch diameter threads

Install by removing rear weight, stock links, installing new links & adjusting. May need an aftermarket adjustable kickstand if lowered over 1 inch

Lust Racing

Lust Racing designs lowering kits for Yamaha FJR-1300 models, including gen I (2001-2005), gen II (2006-2013), and gen III (2014-2022) FJR1300ES/AE/AF/AS, as well as FJR1300A and A GT models.

The lowering kits are made from SS400 high tensile steel, laser-cut for precision, and EDP powder-coated in black for durability.

Lust Racing maintains quality in their products as they supply their products to Yamaha dealerships in the UK and Europe.

The kit includes 2 rear suspension lowering links and comes with installation instructions for user convenience.

Benefits of the lowering kit include increased high-speed stability and improved rear wheel traction.

how to lower yamaha fjr1300

Lowering the FJR1300: Considerations and Limitations

Lowering a motorcycle can help shorter riders by allowing both feet to firmly plant on the ground.

Lowering links and shortening the rear shock do help in lowering the seat height but affect the handling.

Match front and rear height changes to avoid imbalance and slow steering.


Lowering improves comfort and stance but reduces ground clearance. This is especially noticeable when you try to corner the motorcycle hard.

Going below 1 inch of lowering starts to significantly impact ride quality and performance.

Impact on Handling

Lowering kit installation could impact the handling if it isn’t done properly.

Make sure you lower the front and rear of the motorcycle equally to prevent any issues in handling.

A lower center of gravity provides confidence at low speeds but decreases cornering clearance.

Quicker turning results from reduced rake but may feel too responsive.

Lowering alters weight distribution and suspension geometry in ways that can upset the chassis balance if done excessively.


Many states in the U.S. restrict motorcycle lowering beyond a few inches due to safety concerns.

Lowered bikes may not pass inspections. Check regional laws before extensively modifying ride height on your FJR1300.


More frequent shock services are needed. Suspension linkages wear more as shortened suspension components receive greater loads.

Closely monitor tire clearance and watch for unexpected vibration or noise. Read the FJR1300 maintenance schedule to learn about suspension maintenance.


Shaving down the foam of the seat is an easy and cost-effective way to lower FJR1300’s seat height.

The comfort seat from Yamaha is just 30.3 inches, which is ~1.5 inches lower than the OEM seat.

Consider a motorcycle made for shorter riders before modifications if possible.

Wear taller boots to reach the ground easily. This trick is often overlooked by riders.

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