How To Remove the Seat of FJR1300? (Complete Guide)

The Yamaha FJR1300 sport-touring motorcycle is regarded for its long-haul comfort.

But even this capable mile-eater’s stock seat can prove lacking during multi-day trips.

Luckily, FJR1300 owners can enhance saddle comfort by temporarily removing the seats to install cushy aftermarket pads or replacing them entirely with superior options like the Russell Day Long and Corbin models we compare below.

Tools needed to remove the seat

You need the following tools to remove the seat of FJR1300.

  • Ignition Key to unlock the latch
  • Philips Screwdriver
  • Flathead Screwdriver

Detaching the FJR1300 Seat from the Frame

Follow the instructions below to detach the rider’s seat of the FJR1300.

  • Insert the key into the seat lock on the left side above the footpeg and turn it counterclockwise.
  • This will unlock the seat. Then, pull up on the rear section of the seat to remove it.
  • Rear seat removal: Remove the rider’s seat as described, then simply lift the rear seat from the middle to detach it.
  • When reinstalling the rider’s seat, insert the projection at the front under the tank into the seat holder, then push down on the rear to lock it in place.
  • Remove the key when finished.
  • To reinstall the passenger seat, slide the receptacle at the rear into the seat holder and press down, then replace the rider’s seat.

Tips for Removing the Seat Easily

When detaching the rider’s seat, make sure to fully insert the key and turn it all the way to unlock the latch.

Pulling up primarily from the rear makes it easier to lift. For the passenger seat, rocking it gently side-to-side while lifting can help release it.

When reinstalling, double-check that the projection and receptacle on the seats properly fit into their holders before pushing down to avoid damage.

Re-Installing the Seat After Removal

To reinstall the rider’s seat after removal, first, insert the projection at the front under the fuel tank into the seat holder.

Press down on the seat over the holder, pushing from the rear to the front, until it clicks locked in place.

Then insert the key and turn clockwise to secure it.

For the passenger seat, simply align the receptacle on the rear with its holder hole and press down until it also clicks locked.

Common Issues When Removing FJR1300 Seat

Common issues that can occur when removing the seats include not fully unlocking the rider’s seat before trying to lift it, which could break the latch.

Rocking the seats while lifting reduces resistance.

Also, not reinstalling the seats correctly by fully inserting the projections into the holders may lead to an unstable, improperly secured seat.

Rushing the process can lead to overlooking proper alignment.

Improving Comfort Without the Stock Seat

To improve comfort without using the stock seat, popular options are to replace it with an aftermarket seat like a Corbin or purchase a seat pad to put over the stock seat.

These provide more cushion and support. Custom seat adjustability helps short riders to sit more comfortably.

For longer trips, simply taking regular breaks to stand and move positions helps reduce discomfort from any seat.

Russell Day Long Seat

An integrated spring suspension system similar to automotive seats also distinguishes the Russell unit, absorbing bigger impacts to reduce rider fatigue.

This sophisticated shock-absorbing design proves more effective than foam-only cushions when soaking up irregular pavement.

Note: Read our blog if you want clear instructions on how to lower FJR1300’s seat.


By comparison, the other prominent aftermarket FJR1300 seat from Corbin prioritizes lower height over long-range comfort.

Several of our testers found the Corbin unit uncomfortably firm, with inadequate padding becoming worse as the hours tick by.

For more custom touches, adding accessories like a heated seat kit makes the FJR more amenable to cold-weather riding.

A removable passenger backrest also assists two-up journeys by securing the pillion rider.

For the ultimate bespoke FJR1300 seat, artisans like Laam can fabricate a completely custom saddle by modifying customer-supplied used seats.

But for an affordable, generously padded saddle ready for repeated all-day rides right out of the box, we think the Russell Day Long seat can’t be beaten when upgrading an FJR1300.

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