How to Remove the Seat on the Honda ST1300? (Complete Guide)

There are a few key reasons you may want to remove the seat on your Honda ST1300 motorcycle.

First, it allows access to components underneath for maintenance and repairs.

It also lets you customize or replace the seat for improved comfort and aesthetics.

Removing the stock seat can also slightly lower the bike’s height for shorter riders.

Tools Needed to Remove the Seat

Only simple tools are required to detach the ST1300’s two-piece seat.

You’ll need the ignition key to unlock the latch, plus a flathead screwdriver and Phillips screwdriver.

The flathead is helpful for prying up the edges of the seat during removal.

Step-by-Step Process to Remove the Seat

Removing the seat on an ST1300 involves just a few easy steps.

Start by inserting the key in the seat lock and turning it clockwise.

This opens the latch lever. Pull up and back on the rear section of the seat while pressing the seat opener button.

Once the rear is detached, move to the front.

Grab the front edge and pull up firmly to release the prongs from the frame recesses.

Angle the seat back as you lift it out. Reverse the steps to install each piece.

Detaching the Seat from the Frame

The Honda ST1300 seat attaches to the frame with simple but sturdy mounting points.

The rear uses a lock lever secured by the ignition key.

Prongs underneath the front seat match up to holes in the frame cross-member.

Lifting the seat takes some force to detach from these mounts.

Disconnecting Electrical Components

Luckily, there are no electrical connections to unplug when removing the ST1300 seat.

Some bikes have wiring for integrated heating elements or other powered accessories.

The ST1300 lacks any powered seat components, avoiding this extra step.

Tips for Removing the Seat Easily

Having trouble getting the ST1300’s seat off? Try using a flathead screwdriver to gently pry up the edges before lifting.

This helps release the prongs and any stuck edges.

Also, make sure to fully unlock the rear latch with the key before pulling on the rear seat.

Re-Installing the Seat After Removal

Reinstallation takes the reverse order of removal.

Set the rear section in place first, pressing down firmly to engage the lock lever while turning the key counterclockwise.

Then lower the front seat into place, aligning the prongs with the frame holes.

Press down on the rear of the front seat section until fully latched.

Common Issues When Removing the Seat

The main obstacle is usually resistance when trying to detach the seat sections.

Make sure to fully unlock the rear latch before lifting.

Rock the seat back and forth while lifting to help dislodge the prongs.

Check for debris obstructing the latch or mount points. Avoid excessive force which could damage the mounts.

Customizing Your Bike After Removing the Seat

The removed ST1300 seat provides an opportunity for customization.

Replace it with an aftermarket gel seat or accessory seat for increased long-distance comfort.

Or give your bike a unique look by installing custom seat upholstery.

Just be sure any replacement seats properly interface with the stock mount points. Read the article linked for complete info on customizing the seat of ST1300.

Improving Comfort Without the Stock Seat

Switching out the original seat for an aftermarket gel seat can significantly increase comfort on long rides.

Gel seats provide extra padding and vibration dampening.

Or you can simply adjust the stock seat height lower or higher depending on your height and needs, once you have the seat removed. This fine-tunes the ergonomics.

Read our article on lowering the ST1300 seat for detailed instructions on how to do it.

Removing the stock seat on a Honda ST1300 provides access for maintenance, customization, and improved comfort.

Just take care when prying it loose, and double-check all mounts and electrical connections before riding with a modified or replacement seat.

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Removing and replacing the stock seat on a Honda ST1300 serves many key purposes for motorcycle owners.

The ability to access parts beneath, make comfort upgrades, lower the ride height, and customize aesthetics are all enabled by detaching the two-piece seat.

While resisting mounts can complicate removal, using the proper techniques and tools makes separating the ST1300’s seat straightforward.

Whether enhancing maintenance access or comfort, owners can unlock a range of customizations and upgrades by removing the original seat.

Just be sure to take care not to damage mounts during removal and double-check all connections upon reinstallation.

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