Why Was FJR1300 Discontinued? (Slow Sales, Emission Norms)

Yamaha discontinued the motorcycle in Europe after the year 2019. The FJR1300 was discontinued in Japan in the year 2022 as it couldn’t comply with the emission regulations.

There are several reasons behind the discontinuation of the Yamaha’s FJR1300.

The motorcycle couldn’t comply with the emission regulations anymore. The slow sales of the FJR1300 can be attributed to the rise of adventure motorcycles.

The rumors about FJR1300’s discontinuation have been going around for a few years now.

FJR1300 Discontinuation in the European Market

Stricter European emission regulations (EU5) are believed to have caused Yamaha to discontinue FJR1300 sales in Europe a few years ago.

The FJR1300 enjoyed the loyalty of European motorcycle riders for 20 years.

The motorcycle complied with the EU4 regulations but it was not financially viable for Yamaha to match the regulations of EU5.

Yamaha FJR1300 Sales Figures

FJR1300’s sales declined sharply in the year 2018. Adventure motorcycles garnered more interest during this time.

Yamaha sold upwards of 120,000 units of FJR1300 worldwide.

The number might seem low but the motorcycle has a decent market share in the sport touring market.

End of FJR1300 in Japan

2022 was the last year for FJR1300 sales in Japan as the motorcycle couldn’t comply with the emission regulations anymore.

It wasn’t viable for Yamaha to make the motorcycle compatible with the new emission regulations of Japan.

The company didn’t make any changes to the motorcycle since 2016.

Will the Yamaha FJR1300 be Discontinued in the U.S.A.?

North America now remains the only market for the FJR1300, but its fate here is uncertain.

Dealer inventory levels of new models suggest Yamaha has cut back production volumes.

Additionally, industry analysts point to the model’s slow sales in recent years as adventure touring bikes have surged in popularity.

The FJR1300 platform has seen no significant updates from Yamaha since 2016, adding to theories of its impending discontinuation after a 21-year run.

While Yamaha has not officially commented on the FJR1300’s future, the company currently redirects sport touring customers to its more affordable, modern Tracer 9 GT.

Some speculate Yamaha may release a final limited edition “Ultimate” FJR1300 for 2023-2024 before winding down production.

why fjr1300 discontinued

Future of FJR1300 in the U.S.A.

Speculation continues about Yamaha discontinuing the FJR1300 sport touring motorcycle, especially in light of stricter emission regulations in various markets.

Many expect Yamaha to use this interlude to develop a next-generation replacement, but Yamaha has yet to release any official update about the same.

Yamaha has not made significant changes to the FJR1300 since the 2016 model year. As a 21-year-old model line, it may be reaching the end of its lifespan.

In the meantime, Yamaha is directing sport touring customers to models like the Tracer 9 GT which offers some more modern features at a lower price point.

Its future remains uncertain in other major markets like the United States. Some speculate Yamaha may release a final black and gold “special edition” model in 2023 or 2024 before ending production.

This was done to catch up to the changing preferences of the customer base.

  1. Sales of the FJR1300 have been slowing down in recent years. Yamaha has not been providing dealers with any information about the future of the FJR1300, leading dealers to speculate that production may be tapering off.
  2. North America is now the only remaining market for the FJR1300. Dealer inventory of new FJR1300s is low, indicating Yamaha may have scaled back production.

FJR1300 Sales Competition

Riders consider the BMW R1200RT, BMW K1600 platform, and Honda ST1300 as the only other credible alternatives for long-distance touring.

Adventure bikes can work for solo riders but may lack comfort for passengers on extended trips.

Owners appreciate the FJR1300 for its sporty performance, touring capabilities, shaft drive, ample luggage capacity, and electronic amenities like cruise control and adjustable suspension.

Factors like parts availability and supply chain issues may influence if or when Yamaha discontinues the FJR1300 in remaining markets like North America. An “Ultimate Edition” last model year is possible.

Enthusiasts appreciate the FJR1300 as one of the few remaining sport touring bikes and hope it continues, though likely not forever.

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