Yamaha FJR1300 Cruise Control (With Operating Instructions)

The Yamaha FJR1300 is a popular touring motorcycle known for its comfortable ride and advanced features like cruise control.

This article provides an in-depth look at the FJR1300’s cruise control system, including how it works, tips for safe usage, operating instructions, comparisons to other bikes, and troubleshooting of common issues.

We’ll cover everything from the basics of this useful feature to recalls related to cruise control problems.

Does Yamaha FJR have cruise control?

The Yamaha FJR1300 touring motorcycle comes equipped with an advanced electronic cruise control system designed to maintain a steady preset riding speed.

This allows riders to relax their throttle hand while still maintaining a constant speed.

The FJR1300’s cruise control uses electronic throttle control to regulate engine power and keep the bike at the desired speed.

Cruise control in the FJR works till a speed of 100 mph. This is a safety feature to prevent abuse.

The system monitors wheel speed, throttle position, incline changes, and other data to smoothly control acceleration and deceleration.

It can increase or decrease speed in small 1mph increments by tapping the control switches.

The cruise deactivates automatically if the wheels lose traction, the bike stalls, or detection systems indicate a loss of control.

What year did the FJR1300 get cruise control?

2013 and later models have cruise control as standard.

Both the FJR1300ES and FJR1300A models had the cruise control feature.

Tips for Using Cruise Control Safely on the FJR1300

Cruise control is meant for long stretches of steady highway riding.

Avoid activating it in dense traffic, poor visibility, rough roads, or slippery conditions.

Be prepared to grab the brakes or disengage.

Set your speed in a lower gear first before shifting up. Make small incremental speed changes.

Resist using the resume function without verifying the previous set speed is appropriate.

Don’t rely on cruise as an alternative for staying alert and in control of your motorcycle. Static hand positions can cause cramps.

Continue scanning ahead and actively riding – override cruise whenever needed.

Operating Instructions for the FJR1300’s Cruise Control

To activate: Flip the power switch on the left handlebar to turn on the system. The indicator light will illuminate.

Accelerate to the desired steady speed, then push and release the “SET-” switch to set.

The “SET” light will come on showing cruise is engaged.

To Adjust: Tap “RES+” to increase the set speed or “SET-” to decrease it.

Holding them down will change speeds continuously.

You can also temporarily override by twisting the throttle, then tap “SET-” to return to the previous set speed.

To Deactivate: Cruise disengages when braking, downshifting, or using the clutch or throttle override.

The system power switch turns the cruise fully off. The indicator lights help show the current status.

fjr1300 cruise control


The Honda ST1300 doesn’t have a cruise control system at all. The riders are known to install aftermarket systems on their motorcycles.

BMW R1200RT had the cruise control as standard from 2005. The motorcycle had servo-assisted brakes till 2007.

Aftermarket Cruise Control

McCruise sells servo cruise control kits for the FJR1300. They even help you install the system on

  1. Performance varies depending on the model year – Systems work down to 20mph on 2006-2007 models but speed wanders at the low end. Later models control full speed range better.
  2. The aftermarket system is specifically designed for 2006-2013 FJR1300 models. 2006-2007 bikes need custom software tuning due to difficulty controlling speeds.
  3. Owners must provide the exact build month & year when ordering for proper software calibration.
  4. Installation manuals & instructions for different mounting options can be found on the provider’s website.
  5. The control servo usually mounts behind passenger footrests. Alternate under-seat mounting only fits manual shift FJR1300s, not YCCS electric shift versions.

FJR1300 Cruise Control not working

Yamaha has issued a recall for over 18,000 motorcycles across 7 models, including the FJR1300, due to a faulty brake light switch.

The fault is caused by increased internal resistance in the front brake light switch, resulting from silicon oxide buildup.

Faulty switches can cause issues like:

  • Brake lights staying on constantly
  • Cruise control staying activated
  • Difficulty activating/deactivating brake lights and cruise control
  • Unexpected cruise control deactivation

These issues pose a safety concern for riders, prompting Yamaha to initiate a recall.

Owners of affected models are advised not to operate their motorcycles until the brake light switch has been replaced and the issue corrected.


In summary, the Yamaha FJR1300 comes equipped with an advanced electronic cruise control system designed to maintain steady highway speeds during long rides.

When used properly, cruise control can reduce fatigue and allow riders to fully take in the scenery.

However, it’s critical to continue scanning the road ahead and override the system whenever needed.

Yamaha has issued recalls related to cruise control defects, so make sure to have any issues promptly addressed.

Ride safe and enjoy the miles ahead.

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