Yamaha FJR1300 Maintenance Schedule and Service Intervals

The Yamaha FJR1300 is an iconic and beloved sport-touring motorcycle with over 20 years of production behind it.

This guide covers the critical service intervals and periodic maintenance schedule of the Yamaha FJR1300.

Oil and Filter Changes

The engine oil and filter are your FJR1300’s lifeblood, so periodic maintenance is vital.

Yamaha’s recommended service interval for an oil/filter change is every 4000 miles or 6000 km in the US, or 10000 km/1 year in Europe/Asia-Pacific regions.

Use high-quality synthetic oil such as Yamalube 10W-40 for optimal protection.

The OEM oil filter part numbers differ by generation – ensure you use the correct one.

Air Filter Replacement

Service interval for air filter replacement is every 15000 miles (24000 km) or more frequently if riding in wet or dusty conditions.

Using a cleanable performance air filter like the K&N YA-1301 is recommended over disposable filters.

Valve Adjustments

Have your FJR1300’s valve clearance inspected and adjusted every 16000 miles (26000 km).

The valves can drift out of spec over time, causing performance issues or engine damage if service intervals are missed.

Adjust valve clearances according to the maintenance schedule to keep the engine running in top form.

Service IntervalTime Period/Miles
Oil Change Interval4000 miles in the U.S.
10,000km/1 Year in Europe/Asia-Pacific regions.
Air Filter Change15000 miles (24000 km)
Valve Clearance Inspections16000 miles
Spark Plug Replacement16000 miles
Coolant Changes2 Years
Brake Fluid Changes2 Years
Suspension Inspection16,000 Miles
Tire Replacement8000-12000 miles
Battery Replacement2-3 years
Control Cable, Lever lubricationevery 6000 miles
Emissions System Inspection12000 miles/1 year

Spark Plug Replacement

Replace the spark plugs every 16000 miles (26000 km).

Use NGK CR8E plugs up to 2012 models, or NGK CPR8EA-9 iridium plugs on 2013+ bikes for optimal ignition performance.

Good plugs help your FJR start reliably and run smoothly.

Coolant Changes

Flush and refill the cooling system with fresh coolant every 2 years.

Yamaha recommends using a premium ethylene glycol antifreeze like Zerex G05 for corrosion protection and proper heat transfer.

Drive Belt Inspection

Inspect the final drive belt frequently, checking for cracks, glazing, and proper tension.

Tight belts cause premature wear, while loose belts slip and reduce performance.

Proper belt tension promotes long component life.

Brake Fluid Changes

The service interval for brake fluid replacement is every 2 years.

Over time, brake fluid absorbs moisture which lowers its boiling point – leading to vapor lock and brake failure in extreme conditions.

Use quality DOT 4 fluid for reliable braking control.

Suspension Inspection

Have your authorized Yamaha dealer inspect the front forks, rear shock, and swingarm components every 16000 miles (20000 km).

Check for leaks and smooth operation.

Worn parts like bushings should be replaced to maintain safe handling and ride quality.

Yamaha FJR1300 Maintenance Schedule

Tire Inspection/Replacement

Frequently check your tires for wear indicators or damage, and replace them as needed according to the OEM tire specifications.

Typical sport touring tires last 8000-12000 miles before replacement is required.

Regular rotations promote even wear between the front/rear.

Battery Testing/Replacement

Load test and replace your battery every 2-3 years.

Modern batteries are maintenance-free, but the lead-acid chemistry still degrades over time.

Load testing reveals weak batteries prone to failure.


Lubricate control cables, brake/clutch levers, center stand, and other moving parts every 6000 miles (10000 km) with lithium grease or silicone spray.

This prevents seizing, sticking, and excessive wear of components.

Emissions System Inspection

Have your dealer inspect for check engine lights, damaged VOCs, clogged PCV valves, etc. every 12000 miles/1 year to ensure emissions compliance.

Following this comprehensive maintenance schedule will keep your Yamaha FJR1300 running optimally for thousands of miles down the road.

Identify issues early and address them promptly to extend the life of your motorcycle.

FJR1300 is quite reliable and it just needs periodic maintenance to keep running for 100,000+ miles.

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