Yamaha FJR1300 Seat Specifications, Aftermarket Upgrades

As a prominent sport-touring motorcycle since its debut in the early 2000s, the Yamaha FJR1300 provides a balanced approach to long-distance comfort and handling capability.

Critical to striking this balance is the saddle design that keeps riders comfortable mile after mile while enabling confidence-inspiring control.

FJR1300 Seat Specifications

The standard seat height of an FJR1300 is 31.7 inches (805mm). The seat can be adjusted up to a height of 32.5 inches(825.5mm).

The motorcycle might feel too wide for shorter riders. The seat’s width forces the rider to spread the legs more.

The Yamaha FJR1300’s height makes it a reasonably accessible sport-touring motorcycle for shorter riders while not compromising cornering clearance and handling.

FJR1300 Seat Ergonomics

With a narrow section in front transitioning to a wider and thicker cushioned passenger portion, the seat is ergonomically shaped for comfort without severely impacting reach to the ground.

The FJR1300 Parallel Twin engine’s narrow forward cylinder configuration leaves interior space on the frame to allow for a flat seating layout.

This provides comfort for longer hauls by enabling the rider to sit fully on the seat instead of wedging forward on a gas tank.

Adjustability enhances the ergonomics as well. The saddle adjusts vertically by 0.8 inches for precision fit dialing.

Yamaha FJR1300 Seat Specifications

Best Aftermarket Seat for FJR1300

We think that the ‘Russell Day long seat’ is the best out of all the aftermarket options for the FJR1300.

Sargent Seat FJR1300

Has a lightweight vacuum-formed PVC acrylic alloy seat pan for exceptional high-performance foundation.

Super Cell Atomic foam provides resilience, vibration absorption, and pressure distribution without gel.

A wider, level and slightly cupped foam shape eliminates hot spots and central pressure.

UV-stabilized, color-coordinated marine-grade upholstery hand-sewn to maximize foam qualities. A widened seat pan allows more lateral support.

CarbonFX vinyl material. Under-seat storage is handy for cargo. Neutral seating angle compared to the forward stock slope.

Russell Day Long Seat FJR1300

The Russell Day Long (RDL) Sport seat raises the seating height slightly over stock by about 1/4-1/2 inch.

The seat wings extend mid-tank and are refined, not overly intrusive or wide. But still offer ample 230lb rider support.

Extremely comfortable from the start, with a “neutral” feel – no pressure points or discomfort even after 1+ hours of riding.

Has an integrated spring system providing bump absorption and rebound damping, unlike rumors of foam-only cushions.

The springs compress to absorb bigger bumps, mimicking the benefits of suspension in cars.

FJR1300 Corbin Seat

Corbin seat is lower than the stock seat of the FJR1300. Its ergonomic shape provides better support to the body than the stock saddle.

Corbin seat is not suitable for riders who go on long tours.

Genuine leather panels breathe and break in for a luxurious, customized feel.

Corbin vs Russell Seat for FJR1300

Corbin seats are known to be very firm and hard while providing good workmanship/quality. We did not find the Corbin comfortable for long distances.

The Russell Day Long seat has a plush yet supportive feel. It offers a higher seating position and “wings” that provide additional support during longer rides.

The Corbin seat positions the rider down in the bike, while the Russell allows sitting more on top of the bike.

The Russell seat raises the passenger seating height compared to the stock and Corbin, allowing the passenger to see over the rider better.

Our team of riders preferred the comfort of the Russell Day Long seat over the stock seat and Corbin seat.

Apart from these well-known brands, Laam produces custom-designed seats for FJR1300. You need to send them a used seat to help customize a new one for you.

Miscellaneous Seat Upgrades

You can upgrade your FJR1300 by fixing a heated seat if you ride in cold a lot.

You can install a rear seat backrest for your FJR1300 to increase the comfort of the passenger.

steps to remove seat on fjr1300


The Yamaha FJR1300’s standard seat uses ergonomic shaping with a narrow front transitioning to a wider, thicker cushioned passenger portion design for comfort without impacting reach.

Its flat shape, enabled by the engine layout, allows resting fully on the seat rather than the tank.

Comparatively, the Honda ST1300’s spacious, sculpted seat contours provide lower back support and weight distribution for excellent comfort over long distances.

The shape and dimensions allow most riders to firmly plant feet at stops. An adjustable vertical range enables fine-tuned fit as well.

For passengers, both sport-touring motorcycles provide padded, supportive seating with amenities for multi-hour rides.

However, the ST1300’s passenger seat sits on a separate pan allowing better shock absorption.

The extensive padding paired with tuned suspension provides a plusher feel compared to the FJR1300.

FJR1300 Seat Removal

Follow the steps below to remove the seat on your FJR1300.

  1. Insert the key into the seat lock and turn it leftward.
  2. Pull the rider seat up.
  3. Pull the passenger seat up to remove it too.

Lower the seat of FJR1300

For riders requiring an even lower seat height, Yamaha offers a 30.3-inch Accessory Comfort Seat as an option for the FJR1300 which provides nearly 1.5 inches less seat height.

This compact seat uses high-density urethane foam padding covered in high-grip textured vinyl material to stay firmly in place.

The lower Accessory Comfort Seat ensures both feet can be securely planted for more riders when stopped.


With strategically designed contours, adjustability, and a space-optimizing layout, Yamaha created an FJR1300 seat balancing both control and multi-hour comfort factors.

This enables the FJR1300 to excel as an accessible sport touring platform suitable for solo expeditions or two-up weekend getaways alike.

Aftermarket options from Corbin, Russell, and Sargent allow further customization as well.

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