Yamaha FJR1300 Storage Specifications and Upgrades

The two side cases of Yamaha FJR1300 offer 60L of storage capacity. The top case has 50L of storage capacity.

For FJR1300A owners, the load limit stands at 428 lbs. Yamaha FJR1300 has a fuel tank of 5.8-gallon capacity.

Top Case

The top case provides 1.83 cubic feet/50L of storage capacity. It has a fiberglass double-shell construction and a 4-point locking system opened by a single key.

The top case lock matches the bike’s ignition and side cases. Replacement locks are sold separately.

Using the top case with saddlebags can overload the motorcycle so it’s not recommended. A separate Top Case Attachment Kit is required.

The 50L top case offers extra storage, fitting two helmets. It has a chrome protector and an embossed Yamaha logo.

A Rear Carrier, sold separately, is required to install the 50L top case. A lock assembly is included.

As with the smaller top case, using this case along with saddlebags risks overloading and is not advised.

Rear Rack

The rear rack seamlessly integrates with the FJR1300’s lines, this durable, reinforced, aluminum rear carrier plays a crucial role.

Not only does it provide an excellent platform for mounting accessories, but it also features an integrated passenger hand grip. If you’re eyeing the FJR 50L Top Case, the rear rack is a necessity for its secure attachment.

Side cases

The FJR1300 Side Case offers a generous 30L double-shell construction.

The Yamaha FJR1300 features dual hard side cases that provide 60L total storage.

Strategically positioned on the left and right side of the motorcycle, the detachable cases allow owners to easily secure gear, luggage, and other equipment to the sport-touring bike.

The side cases have features like 4-point lid locking, internal luggage straps, and rubber protectors, these cases ensure both security and convenience.

These side cases are compatible with the accessory Comfort Saddle.

Underseat Storage

The space under the passenger seat is indeed designed for a U-bolt lock. the CYCLELOK fitment.

Riders can store their FJR tool kit and emergency kit under the seat.

The rubber bands under the seats become makeshift holders for a trailer light converter.

Hard Saddlebags

The Yamaha FJR1300 Hard Saddlebags have a total capacity of 22L per bag and a weight capacity of 10kg (22lbs) per bag.

What sets them apart is their slim design, being 75mm narrower than the standard FJR1300 saddlebags.

The hard saddlebags are easy to install and remove, along with the key-locking mechanism, making them a practical choice for riders seeking versatility.

Saddlebag Liner

For those who value organization and protection for their belongings, Yamaha offers the FJR1300 Saddlebag Liner.

Crafted from high-quality weather-resistant heavy-duty 1680D nylon, these liners ensure durability and weather resistance.

With reinforced edges, heavy-duty zippers, and easy-carrying features like shoulder straps and handles, these liners are tailored to fit the FJR1300’s pannier system like a glove.

The addition of reflective 3M Scotchlite ™ stripes enhances visibility for added safety.

Yamaha FJR1300 Storage

Yamaha FJR1300 Total Storage Volume

The bike offers a substantial side case capacity of 70 liters (35 liters per side).

The 30-liter saddlebags, equipped with liners, add to this capacity, providing a secure space for your essentials.

If you opt for the FJR 50L Top Case, it contributes an additional 50 liters, making it suitable for accommodating two helmets.

For small items like wallets, phones, or garage door openers, the FJR1300 includes a 1-liter storage compartment.

Load Limits

As responsible riders, understanding load limits is crucial for maintaining safety on the road.

The FJR1300 has an accessory box load limit of 0.3kg (0.66 lbs).

When it comes to the overall load capacity, the FJR1300 boasts an impressive 443 lbs, ensuring that you can carry your essentials without compromising safety.

For FJR1300A owners, the load limit stands at 428 lbs.

These load limits emphasize Yamaha’s commitment to rider safety and the longevity of your motorcycle.

Fuel Tank Capacity

The Yamaha FJR1300 features a 5.8-gallon fuel tank that balances touring range and low weight.

This capacity allows riders to cover over 250 miles between fill-ups while maintaining the bike’s excellent handling.

Storage Upgrades

The FJR1300 has factory hard side cases and supports additional aftermarket top cases like the Givi E55 Maxia case which can hold 2 full-face helmets and jackets.

Riders have carried heavy loads like 40 lbs per side case and reported no stability issues at speeds up to 120 mph when using Givi cases and racks.

The factory plastic luggage rack may not be sufficient for heavier top cases – installing the Givi steel top case rack is recommended for stability.

Riders have traveled for 2 weeks with full gear and camera equipment using the stock hard cases and optional top cases. Storage volume is sufficient for most touring needs.

Givi and other brands make larger side cases beyond factory specifications in various shapes if more capacity is needed. Top-loading side cases are preferred by some riders for convenience.

Securing top cases to mounting racks with additional quick-release pins provides extra assurance cases won’t detach even if the bike goes down.

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