Yamaha FJR1300 Windshield Dimensions and Upgrades

The Yamaha FJR1300 features a thoughtfully engineered stock windshield designed to provide wind protection for riders while maintaining the bike’s distinctive sport-touring silhouette.

Yet many owners opt to install aftermarket windshields or upgrade to the Yamaha touring variant in pursuit of heightened coverage, especially for long hauls.

Stock Windshield Shape and Dimensions

The stock windshield has dimensions of 17″ high by 20″ wide.

It is made of polycarbonate material and is clear in color.

The windshield has a slightly curved, aerodynamic shape from top to bottom.

The curvature is more prominent towards the upper section and near the edges.

The aerodynamic curvature of the original equipment shields tapers rearward along the edges to direct wind past the rider’s shoulders.

Aftermarket variants build on these airflow principles, with many reviews citing the CalSci lineup as particularly adept at minimizing backpressure for stability at higher speeds.

Windshield Position Adjustment

One can adjust FJR1300’s windshield by using a switch on the left-hand side of the handlebar.

Press the top part of the switch to increase the height of the windshield and press the lower part to decrease the height.

Note: The windshield will return to the lowest height when the engine is turned off.

Windshield Upgrades

Some riders prefer to replace their windshield with the factory touring windshield or other aftermarket options.

Touring Windshield Upgrade

FJR1300 Touring Windshield is 4″ taller and 1/2″ wider than stock and provides added wind protection.

The touring windshield is promoted by Yamaha as a long-touring upgrade for the FJR.

It is made of durable polycarbonate material. The stock electric adjustment feature works with this upgrade.

Specifically designed for 2013 and newer models. Our riders preferred this upgrade over the aftermarket ones.

Price: $213.99.

VStream Windshields by National Cycle

VStream windshields are available in three sizes with one tint option each.

The windshields are made from the durable Lexan material.

Prices range from $189.95 to $199.95.

fjr1300 windshield specifications

CalSci Windshields

Engineered for minimum turbulence and back pressure, excluding the 2013 standard width and tinted shorties.

Available in five different heights to cater to diverse preferences.

Thoughtfully shaped to complement the distinctive lines of the Yamaha FJR.

Provides excellent coverage for both arms and torso, enhancing rider comfort.

Designed to eliminate back pressure for optimal performance.

Crafted from 4.5mm thick (3/16″) DOT-certified impact-resistant plastic for lasting durability.

Various sizes and tints, priced from $125 to $220.

PUIG Touring Windscreen

620 x 520 mm, 90mm higher than the stock windshield.

The famous windshield is made of Acrylic material and is 3mm thick.

Variety of colors available, prices not specified on OEM website but approximately $168 on Revzilla.

Clip-on options are also available.

Windshield Materials Comparison

Yamaha Touring Windshield: Made of durable polycarbonate plastic. This material provides good impact resistance and optical clarity.

National Cycle VStream: Constructed using Lexan polycarbonate. Lexan offers increased strength and scratch resistance compared to acrylic. It also blocks more UV light.

Cee Bailey’s Reverse Contour Shields: Made from .187-inch thick acrylic in clear or tinted shades. Acrylic is lightweight and shatter-resistant. However, it scratches more easily than polycarbonate.

CalSci Windshields: Material not specified, but likely acrylic or polycarbonate.

Puig Touring Windscreen: Crafted from 3mm thick acrylic. Acrylic provides optical clarity but lacks the strength of polycarbonate. The thickness adds durability.

Windshield Maintenance

Proper cleaning and protection measures better equip windshields to withstand abrasions and UV exposure over thousands of miles.

Periodic inspection coupled with the application of abrasion-resistant films or waxes specially formulated for plastics helps safeguard optical clarity and extend windshield lifespans.


While the standard Yamaha windshield capably balances form with function, taller, wider options exist to take protection to new heights.

Brands like National Cycle and Cal Sci leverage durable polycarbonate or specialized shaping to markedly diminish turbulence.

Leveraging electric adjustment or mounting versatility enables customizing shield positioning to each rider’s preference.

Proper windshield care guarantees lasting optical clarity and abrasion resistance over thousands of miles.

So whether you fancy tweaking the stock fitment or want a full touring makeover, companies offer quality solutions to transform the FJR1300 shield experience.

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