Honda ST1300 Coolant Specifications, Mix Ratio, Coolant Issues

Let’s see what coolant type, mix ratios, coolant capacity, change intervals, and associated procedures suit the Honda ST1300 model.

The article outlines manufacturer-approved coolants, troubleshooting tips for leaks or overtemperature events, fluid check frequencies, and best practices for safe handling.

Honda ST1300 Coolant Type

Honda recommends high-quality ethylene glycol-based coolant for the ST1300.

Tectaloy 60 Plus and Dexcool coolants are recommended for the ST1300.

Honda ST1300 Coolant Capacity

Honda ST1300 coolant capacity is 3.7 quarts of coolant. Coolant should be changed every 2 years or 16,000 miles.

The correct coolant mixture for the ST1300 is a 50:50 mixture of coolant and distilled water.

The coolant should not contain Silicate or Borate.

Honda ST1300 Coolant Mixture Ratio

The correct coolant mixture for the ST1300 is 50/50 coolant and distilled water.

This provides maximum cooling efficiency and corrosion protection. Do not dilute the coolant further than this ratio.

ST1300 Approved Coolants

Honda recommends the Honda HP Coolant/Anti-freeze or an equivalent high-quality ethylene glycol-based coolant for the ST1300.

The Honda ST1300 requires a specific coolant mixture to maintain proper engine cooling.

Tectaloy 60 Plus and Dexcool coolants are suitable for the ST1300.

Make sure the coolant is silicate-free.

Honda ST1300 Coolant Replacement

Ensure the motorcycle is on the center stand and the engine is cold.

Remove all side plastics, placing them aside for easy access.

Place containers underneath and have rags nearby to clean any spills.

Keep the radiator cap on to minimize splashing. Remove the bottom hose and allow the coolant to drain completely. Remove the side screws located between the engine pipes.

Reattach the bottom hose. Drain the reservoir, adding some ice cubes to assist in dislodging the coolant scale.

Cap the reservoir and fill it with water. Run the bike for a few minutes, aiming for the third bar on the temperature gauge. Allow the bike to cool.

Repeat the drain and refill process until the expelled water is clear. Inspect hoses, replacing side bolt washers as needed.

Fill the radiator almost to capacity, leaving the cap off. Run the bike to operating temperature, giving a few blips on the throttle to release trapped air from the top of the radiator.

Top up the radiator, replace the cap, and fill the reservoir to the recommended coolant level. Reattach the side plastics and go for a short ride. Check the coolant level when the bike is cool.

Honda ST1300 Coolant Specifications

Honda ST1300 Coolant Check

The reserve tank provides an easy way to inspect the coolant level.

Add Honda HP Coolant as needed for a proper coolant change.

Regular coolant checks are important to avoid overheating issues. Read the following article to learn more about overheating issues in ST1300.

Troubleshooting Coolant Issues

Low coolant levels can cause overheating issues in the ST1300. Check for any coolant leaks in the cooling system.

Faulty sensors or a stuck thermostat can cause overheating issues too.

Reduce speed and turn on the heat to address acute overheating.

Identify and repair the root cause to prevent repeat issues.

Honda ST1300 Coolant Leak

Coolant leaks can lead to overheating, so inspect hoses, seals, the radiator, and the water pump for any signs of leakage.

Address any drips or weeping seals promptly to prevent bigger problems. Read this article for more info on ST1300’s known issues.

ST1300 Coolant Maintenance Schedule

Coolant should be changed every 2 years or 16,000 miles.

When changing the coolant on a Honda ST1300, the radiator should be drained and refilled with a 50/50 mix of distilled water and Honda HP coolant.

Allow the engine to warm up with the radiator cap off to let air bubbles escape.

Then top off the radiator and overflow tank to the proper levels.

ST1300 Coolant Safety Tips

Use caution when checking or adding coolant, as the radiator and hoses can be very hot.

Allow time for the system to cool before servicing. Wear eye protection and gloves when handling coolant.

Check the amount of coolant occasionally to keep the motorcycle in condition.


In conclusion, maintaining the proper coolant for your Honda ST1300 is crucial for engine cooling and preventing overheating issues.

Honda recommends high-quality ethylene glycol-based coolants such as Honda HP Coolant, Tectaloy 60 Plus, and Dexcool.

The correct mixture is a 50:50 ratio of coolant and distilled water, with a total coolant capacity of 3.7 quarts.

Regular coolant checks, addressing leaks promptly, and adhering to the recommended maintenance schedule of changing coolant every 2 years or 16,000 miles are essential for the motorcycle’s optimal performance and safety.

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