Honda ST1300 Battery Voltage, Capacity and Dimensions

Honda recommends using a 12 V 11.2 Ah for all model years of the ST1300. CCA ranges from 230 to 300. Such batteries weigh around 7.94 lbs.

The Honda ST1300 battery dimensions are ~ (LxWxH) 5.91” x 3.43” x 4.33”.

The Honda ST1300 is a sport-touring motorcycle known for its smooth and powerful 12-valve V4 engine. Let’s look at the specifications of the battery that helps start such a powerful engine.

Battery Voltage and Capacity

Honda recommends using a 12 V (battery voltage) 11.2 Ah (battery capacity) for all model years of the ST1300. CCA(Cold Cranking Amps) could range from 230 to 300.

This battery size has sufficient power for starting the 12-valve V4 engine even in cold weather.

This provides sufficient starting power even in cold weather.

Honda ST1300 Battery Dimensions

The ST1300 battery has a height of 4.33″, a length of 5.91″, and a width of 3.43″. Thus the battery dimensions are 150L x 87W x 110H in mm.

The Honda ST1300 battery weighs 7.94 lbs with acid.

The compact battery dimensions allow it to fit neatly under the passenger seat towards the rear of the bike, helping centralize mass while still allowing relatively easy access for maintenance and replacement.

Heavier duty batteries are available but the stock specifications are adequate for most riding conditions.

ST1300 Battery Voltage12V
ST1300 Battery Capacity11.2 Ah
ST1300 Battery Dimensions150L x 87W x 110H in mm
ST1300 Battery LocationUnder the Passenger Seat towards the rear of the bike
ST1300 Battery Life3-4 years
ST1300 Battery CCA230-300 Cold Cranking Amps

Honda ST1300 Battery Location

The Honda ST1300 battery is located under the passenger seat towards the rear of the bike.

One can access the battery by removing the seat and the right side cover of the motorcycle.

This position helps centralize mass but still allows relatively easy access for maintenance and replacement.

Replacement Batteries by Year

The factory-specified battery fits all generations of the ST1300:

  • 2003-2005 ST1300: 12 V 14 Ah 320 CCA sealed battery
  • 2006-2007 ST1300: 12 V 14 Ah 320 CCA sealed battery
  • 2008-2019 ST1300: 12 V 14 Ah 320 CCA sealed battery

Honda ST1300 Battery Life Expectancy

ST1300 OEM Battery lasts for 4 years or more. Yuasa batteries of the same specifications have lasted for a similar time according to many riders.

When to Replace ST1300 Battery

The OEM Honda ST1300 battery generally lasts between 3-5 years or 12,000 miles before needing replacement.

High-quality aftermarket brands like Yuasa also meet OEM specifications for fit and performance while potentially exceeding the lifespan of the stock battery.

ST1300 battery specifications

Aftermarket Option

The Yuasa YTX14-BS AGM battery is a popular replacement for Honda’s stock battery.

It meets the electrical demands of the bike and matches OEM battery dimensions.

ST1300 Battery Price

Expect to pay around $100-150 for this high-quality Yuasa battery.

Honda ST1300 Battery Issues

Corroded terminals are the common reason behind battery drainage. An electrical short can cause the A/C relay to stay open and drain the battery.

Battery drainage also happens if there are any aftermarket electric accessories installed on the motorcycle.

Such aftermarket accessories could cause parasitic battery drainage.

On average ST1300 battery voltage is 13.8. Anything under 14.3 is considered fine.

If the battery voltage is out of range replace it.

How to Replace Honda ST1300 Battery?

To access the battery area, first remove the front and rear seats. Refer to our article on ST1300 seat removal to know the exact battery location.

Next, remove the right saddlebag – insert the key and open the latch lever, lift the bag up and off the mounting hooks. Close the latch lever once the bag is removed. Finally, remove the right side cover by taking out the screws to access the battery location.

  1. Remove the battery cover, and holder, and carefully pull the battery out of the box.
  2. This bike has a pre-charged, maintenance-free battery. No need to check/add electrolytes.
  3. With the ignition switch OFF, lower the battery into the box and connect cables – positive (red) first, then negative (black).
  4. Use special bolts/nuts to securely tighten battery terminal connections.
  5. Coat terminals with dielectric grease and pull the red cover over the positive terminal.
  6. Double-check check routing of positive cable to avoid contact with metal parts which could cause a short circuit.
  7. Reinstall the battery holder, cover, and side cover.
  8. Reinstall both front and rear seats once battery service is complete.
  9. To finish, reinstall the right saddlebag – line up slots on the bag with hook points on the bike, check engagement is secure, and close and lock the latch lever.
  10. Remove the key from the saddlebag and place in ignition switch in the OFF position when done.

Battery Safety Precautions

  • Use the correct battery for your device. Don’t try to substitute a different type of battery. Check the battery voltage and battery capacity before buying one.
  • Inspect batteries before using them. Look for any signs of damage like dents, cracks, or leaking fluid. Damaged batteries can be dangerous.
  • Handle batteries carefully. Don’t drop them or exert any pressure on the battery casing. This can damage the internal components.
  • Stop using a battery if you notice any changes like swelling, overheating, or a damaged casing. Damaged batteries should be replaced immediately.


Using the correct battery specified by Honda or an equivalent aftermarket model ensures easy starting and reliable electrical performance for Honda ST1300 touring bikes.

Check the battery terminals and levels regularly and replace the battery every 2-3 years or 12,000 miles.

Proper battery maintenance will keep you cruising smoothly on your ST1300.

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