Honda ST1300 Fuel Efficiency, Average MPG, Fuel Range

Honda ST1300 can achieve fuel efficiency of 40-50 MPG based on the riding style and road type. The best fuel economy is reached at steady highway speeds between 55-70mph.

Miles per Gallon

The Honda ST1300 sport touring motorcycle is powered by a 1,261cc 90-degree V4 engine that prioritizes smooth, linear power delivery over outright horsepower.

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This focus on rideability over aggression lends itself well to fuel efficiency. Under ideal conditions, ST1300 owners report achieving mileage in the 40-50 mpg range.

MPG tests

In real-world mileage testing, an ST1300 returned ~44 average mpg overall.

This involved a mix of highway cruising at 65-75mph as well as around-town riding.

The best fuel economy is reached at steady highway speeds between 55-70mph.

The overdriven 5th gear keeps rpm below 4,000 even at 80mph, putting the engine in a sweet spot.

One owner reported achieving 51 average mpg on a long interstate ride at 65mph.

Riding style impacts the Miles per Gallon figure significantly.

Rapid acceleration guzzles gas, so gradual throttle inputs are ideal.

Fuel Economy in different conditions

The ST1300 excels at long-range cruising versus around-town riding. In city conditions with more stops and starts, mileage drops to around 30-35 average mpg.

Two-up riding with a passenger and luggage likewise reduces economy. Heavily loaded with two riders, one test saw average mpg drop to 31.

Light solo riding or cruising two-up without luggage will do much better.

Lastly, proper maintenance like regular valve adjustments, air filter changes, and spark plug replacements keeps the engine performing at its peak.

While the ST1300 is no fuel sipper compared to smaller and more modern bikes, its real-world ‘Miles per Gallon’ capability matches what riders expect from a large 1.3L touring machine.

For covering serious miles in comfort, the ST1300 delivers respectable fuel economy.

Honda ST1300 Fuel Tank Capacity

The Honda ST1300 has a generous 7.66-gallon fuel tank allowing riders to confidently cover long distances between fill-ups.

The bike’s onboard computer provides helpful data like current/average fuel consumption and estimated remaining range to further inform riders.

Honda ST1300 Fuel Range

The fuel tank capacity of the ST1300 is 7.66 gal.

If we assume that the fuel efficiency of the ST1300 is around 40 mpg, then the motorcycle’s fuel range is around 300 miles.

Fuel Consumption Meter

ST1300 has a Fuel Consumption meter that displays information on current and average fuel consumption displays.

You can reset the average fuel consumption using the FCD/H button.

The fuel range is displayed on the Fuel Consumption meter based on remaining fuel and driving conditions.

Caution to refuel when the fuel gauge nears “E” or when the “E” segment blinks.

The remaining fuel is displayed in gallons or liters, with warnings when it’s low.

Read the linked article for more info on the ST1300’s instrument cluster.

ST1300 Fuel Efficiency Tips

While the ST1300 boasts an impressive 126hp, several techniques allow riders to maximize its fuel efficiency.

The key is maintaining steady speeds and acceleration. Rapid acceleration causes the bike to guzzle gas, so smooth, gradual speed increases are ideal.

Use lower gears to accelerate, shifting up around 7,000 rpm to enter into the power band smoothly.

Once at speed, hold a constant throttle position and stick to the top gears.

Cruising between 50-70mph in 5th gear yields excellent mileage.

Avoid sudden braking when possible. Gradual deceleration allows you to conserve momentum without wasting fuel through engine braking.

Coasting at lower speeds especially helps cut down on wasting gas.

Sitting in heavy traffic? Use the clutch smoothly to creep along at idle rather than constantly accelerating and braking.

Type of fuel to use

Engine designed for gasoline with a pump octane number of 91 or higher.

Oxygenated fuels may cause “pinging” or “spark knock” if the octane rating is too low.

Aftermarket modifications

  • First, consider upgrading the air filter to an oiled, high-flow type such as K&N. This reduces air restriction for better throttle response and mileage.
  • Pair this with a freer-flowing exhaust like the Two Brothers Racing system which boosts power while leaning out the fuel mixture.
  • Finally, an ECU reflash is one of the best mods for maximizing fuel economy.
  • Companies like Power Commander offer tuning to tweak the fuel maps and optimize them for lightly loaded riding.

While the stock ST1300 delivers respectable mileage, a few smart riding habits and upgrades can squeeze out every last drop from the tank.

Honda designed this V4 machine for long-haul comfort and efficiency, so proper care will be rewarded with serious fuel savings over the long run.

Here’s an article on aftermarket exhaust modifications of ST1300.


Honda ST1300 is capable of excellent real-world fuel economy in a range of 40-50 Miles per Gallon when ridden conservatively at steady highway speeds.

While performance modifications may boost power, discipline in acceleration, minimizing abrupt throttling and braking, and using top gears will help reduce fuel consumption.

Long-distance touring is where the ST1300’s fuel efficiency shines best. So riders focused on range versus sheer performance will be rewarded with gas savings.

With smart riding technique and regular maintenance, the ST1300 provides fuel economy comparable to smaller machines, cementing its reputation as an upscale long-haul sport tourer.

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