Honda ST1300 Seat Height Adjustment, Custom Seat Upgrades

The length and width of the seat are 31.1 inches and 16 inches respectively. The Honda ST1300 height adjustment setup has a 1.2-inch range for fine-tuning fit.

Some riders prefer to lower the seat of ST1300 to suit their needs.

ST1300 Seat Height

The Honda ST1300 sport-touring motorcycle features a spacious, comfortable seat designed for both the rider and passenger.

The ST1300 seat height is 31.1 inches to accommodate riders of varying leg lengths.

Honda ST1300 seat height adjustment is over a 1.2-inch range for fine-tuning fit.

The seat width spans 16 inches, which provides ample room for the rider and passenger without feeling overly wide.

The foam density strikes a balance between cushioning comfort and support for long days on the road.

Rider Ergonomics

The ST1300’s seat shape and dimensions allow the rider to comfortably reach the handlebars and footpegs.

The low seat height combined with the scooped shape enables most riders to firmly plant their feet on the ground when stopped.

The sculpted contours provide the rider with lower back support and excellent weight distribution.

This reduces strain on the spine for enhanced comfort during long stints in the saddle.

For two-up touring, the passenger accommodation includes space, footpegs, and grab handles to maintain comfort.

Best Seat for Honda ST1300

According to the accessories brochure, Honda offers gel seats, heated seats, and low to standard height options to customize comfort.

Corbin, Sargent, and other aftermarket companies also produce custom seats for the ST1300 in different materials like vinyl and leather.

You need to know how to remove the seat of ST1300 before you install an aftermarket option. Read our linked article for instructions on how to remove the ST1300’s seat.

ST1300 Sargent Seat

ST1300 Sargent seat offers good back support for cornering, durable construction, pushes the rider forward off the tank, and a dished rear seat to keep the passenger from sliding forward.

According to our riders, Sargent seats are overpriced but are better than the stock seats.

Add a gel pad or sheepskin cover to enhance seat comfort.

ST1300 Corbin Seat

The Corbin seat sits lower than the stock seat of ST1300. The passenger backrest is fully adjustable.

Corbin provides a seat heater with an internal thermostat in both the rider and rear seats.

ST1300 Saddlemen Seat

Enhanced comfort with SaddleGel™ in the driver seating area, accompanied by carefully sculpted, progressive-density foam for a cushioned ride without sacrificing valuable feedback.

Narrow Nose facilitates easier ground control and accommodates riders with shorter inseams.

A lower driver bucket allows riders to sit into the seat rather than on top, enhancing overall comfort.

ST1300 Custom Seat Advantages

These provide more cushioning or sportier shapes at added cost. For taller riders, high seats boost the height by 1-2 inches.

Shorter riders may prefer low seats ranging from 1-3 inches lower, so they get a seat upgrade.

Matching passenger backrests, materials, and colors allows customization for the optimal touring seat setup.

In my opinion, Top Sellerie produces the best seat for Honda ST1300.

ST1300 Passenger Backrest

You can improve rider comfort can be improved by fitting a passenger backrest on the Honda ST1300.

You can fit one for the rear seat if you travel often with a passenger.

Honda ST1300 Rear Seat Comfort

The ST1300 rear seat is a spacious, comfortable passenger seat with ample leg room and back support.

Integrated grab handles allow passengers to secure handholds during acceleration and braking.

Full-size footpegs provide proper leg positioning to avoid fatigue on long rides.

The rear seat padding includes dense foam and a shape engineered for comfort across varying distances and road conditions.

For improved shock absorption, the passenger portion of the seat sits on a separate pan from the rider’s seat.

The extensive padding combined with the suspension tuning provides passengers with a plush, enjoyable ride.

How to lower the ST1300 Seat Height?

The stock Honda ST1300 seat sits at a height of 31.1 inches, which can be uncomfortably tall for shorter riders.

To improve confidence and control, riders under 5’7″ often look to lower the seat height.

One option is to install a low seat from Honda or get an aftermarket seat replacement ranging from 28-30 inches.

Modify the stock seat

By removing a portion of the foam padding, riders can reduce seat height by 1-3 inches.

  • Begin by removing the seat and detaching the cover.
  • Use an electric carving knife to slice off 1-2 inches of foam near the middle.
  • Trim evenly across the width of the seat to retain proper contour.
  • Reinstall the cover and remount the modified seat.

The reduction in foam thickness effectively drops the saddle height without sacrificing the stock seat’s shape.

Riders should lower in gradual increments and test the height until they reach a comfortable position.

Ways of lowering the seat of ST1300 are discussed in the article linked.

ST1300 Seat Maintenance

Follow the instructions below to extend the lifespan of your Honda ST1300 motorcycle seat.

  • Use a mild soap and water solution for cleaning.
  • Avoid harsh chemicals or high-pressure sprays that could damage the cover.
  • Periodically inspect for wear and re-stitching needs, especially on edges that receive friction from mounting/dismounting
  • Condition the leather every 6 months with a dedicated product to prevent cracking.
  • Plan to re-upholster or replace seats around the 50,000-mile mark from wear.
  • Use a seat cover when parked to shield the seat from UV rays and extreme temperatures.


The Honda ST1300’s seat is more comfortable compared to that of the FJR1300.

BMW R1200RT’s seat is more comfortable compared to that of the ST1300.

ST1300’s seat is more suitable for touring compared to that of FJR1300. Read the following article for a detailed comparison of the ST1300 with the FJR1300.


In summary, the Honda ST1300’s spacious seat is engineered for all-day riding comfort.

Its shape and foam density provide exceptional support while allowing riders to comfortably reach controls.

While the stock seat accommodates most riders, various custom options exist to tailor fit and height. Opt for Honda’s gel seat if you need more comfort.

Lowering the seat via foam modification is a simple, low-cost option for shorter pilots.

For passengers, the ST1300 provides a plush, supportive seat with ample amenities.

Overall, Honda’s meticulous seat design exemplifies their commitment to delivering unmatched long-distance comfort.

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