Honda ST1300 Windshield Dimensions, Material, Adjustment

The windshield of the Honda ST1300 sport touring motorcycle plays a critical role in rider comfort and protection from the elements.

Honda engineers carefully crafted the windshield design to account for aerodynamics, optics, ventilation, height adjustment, and overall integration with the bike’s styling.

Honda ST1300 Windshield Dimensions

The ST1300 Windshield is tall and curved measuring 27.6 inches in height.

The outer profile is rounded and tapers slightly toward the top and sides.

This shape aims to provide generous wind protection while minimizing backpressure and turbulence.

The curvature helps divert oncoming air around the rider’s torso and helmet.

At its widest point, the windscreen is 21.3 inches across. The compact windshield optimizes coverage area while maintaining a lightweight and rigid structure.

Honda ST1300 Windshield Material

Honda constructed the ST1300’s windscreen from 4mm thick polycarbonate.

This high-strength transparent plastic offers excellent impact resistance and weatherability.

The polycarbonate material also possesses high-quality optical properties with minimal distortion.

The screen attaches to sturdy yet flexible mounting brackets on either side.

These rubber-damped brackets allow the windshield to flex slightly, increasing its durability and resistance to cracking.

Height Adjustment Range

A convenient electric motor height adjustment system enables the windshield height to be tailored as needed.

With the push of a button, the screen moves through a 7.4-inch range, from the lowest 20.2-inch to the highest 27.6-inch position.

This capability accommodates riders of varying heights.

Airflow and Wind Protection

The Honda ST1300 windshield shape and dimensions protect the majority of the rider’s upper body at highway speeds.

The adjustable range lets riders fine-tune coverage.

An adjustable lower deflector provides further protection and smooths airflow around the legs.

The tall screen manages airflow impressively, limiting buffeting and noise even at its higher settings.

Mild turbulence starts above 80 mph but the cockpit remains comfortable on long rides.

The Honda ST1300 windshield delivers as much wind protection as many aftermarket options.

Optical Clarity and Abrasion Resistance

The injection molded polycarbonate features excellent light transmission and limited optical distortion.

A hard coating helps prevent scratches from debris and chemical damage from UV exposure.

Honda built practical durability into the ST1300’s windshield.

Honda ST1300 Windshield Maintenance

Follow the instructions below to keep the ST1300 windshield clean.

  • Use gentle cleaning tools and materials to avoid scratching the windshield’s surface.
  • Avoid scrubbing brushes, scouring pads, or paper towels, as they can scratch the material.
  • Clean the ST1300 windshield from side to side rather than in a circular motion to prevent surface irritation.
  • Soften dried-on bugs and dirt before wiping to avoid scratching.
  • Clean with soap and water, then apply a suitable cleaning agent.
  • Test cleaning products in a small, inconspicuous area before applying them to the entire windshield.
  • Consider removing the windshield for cleaning, especially in bright sunlight.
  • Cleaning in bright sunlight can cause streaking and may soften the plastic shield.

Honda ST1300 VStream Windshield

The VStream windscreens are made of thick, durable polycarbonate coated with a scratch-resistant hard coat for added resilience.

VStream windscreens come in various dimensions to fit different motorcycles and are DOT and ABE-certified for safety.

VStream windshields come with original equipment mounting for easy installation.

The windscreen has dimensions of 24.2 x 22.7 x 7.7 inches.

By leveraging aerospace and motorsports technology, VStream aims to set new standards in motorcycle windscreen performance.


The table below compares the ST1300 windshield specifications with the FJR1300 and R1200RT.

Honda ST1300Yamaha FJR1300BMW R1200RT
Height: 27.6 inchesHeight: 23.25″ (59.0cm)
Height: 20.47″ (52 cm)
Width: 21.3 inchesWidth: 20.50″ (52.0cm)Width: 19.29″ (49 cm)
Height Adjustment Range: 7.4-inch range, from 20.2-inch to 27.6-inchHeight Adjustment Range: 5.1″ adjustment is possibleHeight Adjustment Range: 4.33 inches
4.5mm thick impact resistent plastic4.5mm Polycarbonate material6mm thick acrylic glass

Overall, the ST1300’s windshield provides exemplary wind protection and optical clarity in a solid yet lightweight structure.

Its electric adjustment technology allows customization for individual riding styles and preferences.

Combined with the motorcycle’s sensible ergonomics, the windshield makes racking up miles an enjoyable and comfortable endeavor.

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