Does Honda ST1300 Have Cruise Control? (Aftermarket Options!)

Honda ST1300 didn’t come with a cruise control system. Aftermarket mechanical/electronic systems can be installed to enhance riding comfort.

Electronic cruise control systems cost more than the mechanical alternatives.

Does the Honda ST1300 have cruise control?

No, the Honda ST1300 didn’t have cruise control. It was in production from 2002-2013 but no model had the cruise control feature.

Few riders have fitted cruise control to their motorcycles. Brands like BrakeAway, Rostra, and MCCruise produce cruise control systems for the ST1300.

Several companies make cruise control kits for the ST1300, including Sta-Tron, Cruise Control Store, and Twisted Throttle. The kits generally consist of a throttle actuator, control switch, and wiring harness.

Benefits of Cruise Control

Listed below are the advantages of having cruise control on a touring motorcycle.

  • Electronic Cruise Control helps you relax the muscles and reduce fatigue.
  • Wrist cramps are common during long rides, Cruise control helps prevent this.
  • By using the cruise control you can avoid overspeeding.
  • You won’t need to accelerate and decelerate unnecessarily and this increases the fuel efficiency.

How to install Cruise Control System on the ST1300

Installation requires removing bodywork like the fuel tank and side covers to access the throttle cables. The throttle actuator mounts near the throttle body and connects to the throttle cables.

The cruise control harness taps into various wires like the brake lights, clutch, and throttle position sensor. This allows the system to disengage the cruise when braking or clutching.

The control switch mounts to the handlebars and allows turning cruise on/off, resuming speed, and accelerating/decelerating. An indicator light on the dash shows when the cruise is activated.

Proper installation and adjustment are critical for smooth cruise control operation. The actuator needs to pull the throttle cables correctly to maintain speed without surging.

Aftermarket Cruise Control

Mechanical cruise control systems are affordable but aren’t as precise as the electronic alternatives. Electronic cruise control systems offer great cruise functions to the riders.

Mechanical Cruise Control for Honda ST1300

  • Mechanical systems use a servo motor attached to the throttle grip to actuate the throttle instead of a cable-pulling actuator.
  • The servo mounts under the right fairing and connects to the throttle tube with a linkage arm. This rotates the grip to maintain speed.
  • An electronic control module mounts near the servo and connects to a handlebar-mounted switch. This activates/deactivates the servo.
  • Sensors connect to the front brake line and clutch to disengage the servo when braking or clutching.
  • Installation requires dismantling the right fairing, throttle housing, and throttle tube to install the servo and link arm.
  • The system needs to be adjusted so the servo smoothly actuates the throttle without over-rotating. Throttle freeplay must be set correctly.
  • Riders mention the mechanical systems have very smooth engagement and speed control compared to cable-pulling kits.
  • Drawbacks include more complex installation and higher costs around $800-1000.
  • Overall mechanical cruise provides excellent speed hold and control. But it requires expertise to install properly on the ST1300.
  • The ‘BrakeAway’ or any other mechanical cruise control system is not a true automobile-type cruise control because it doesn’t maintain static speed regardless of grade.

Electronic Cruise Control for Honda ST1300

  • Rostra is a major brand for aftermarket cruise control systems.
  • It uses an electronic servo mounted under the left fairing to actuate the throttle grip instead of a cable-pulling actuator.
  • The kit includes the servo, control module, wiring harnesses, switch assembly, and fasteners.
  • Installation requires removing fairings and throttle housing to mount the servo and connect linkages.
  • The control module mounts behind the left fairing and connects to the throttle position sensor.
  • The handlebar switch allows turning the cruise on/off, resuming, accelerating, and coasting.
  • Sensors connect to the front brake line and clutch to disengage the cruise when activated.
  • Once installed, the servo motor electronically modulates the throttle position to maintain the set speed.
  • Careful adjustment and calibration are required to ensure smooth engagement and speed control.
  • Riders report excellent cruise function once tuned properly. The electronic servo offers very smooth control.
  • Retail cost is around $800-900 for the complete kit and professional installation.

Safety Considerations:

  • Don’t use cruise control on winding, wet, or slippery roads where maximum throttle control is needed. Use primarily on straight, dry highways.
  • Disengage cruise when in traffic or other situations requiring speed adjustments.
  • Make sure to test that the clutch and brakes properly disengage cruise control before riding. Don’t use if malfunctioning.
  • Get used to engaging and disengaging the system smoothly to avoid sudden speed changes.
  • Be aware the ST1300 has linked brakes, so the cruise won’t disengage if only using the rear brake.

Read our article on ST1300 brake specifications for more info on the braking efficiency of the motorcycle.

Maintenance and Troubleshooting:

  • Check connections are tight and wiring is secure, damaged wires can cause issues.
  • Inspect throttle cables and linkage for smooth operation. Lubricate cables periodically.
  • Make sure no binding in the servo or throttle assembly, binding can lead to poor speed control.
  • If speed surges, carefully re-adjust the actuator/servo and throttle cable tensions.
  • If the cruise fails to hold speed, check for vacuum leaks, worn cables, or faulty components.
  • If the cruise won’t disengage, check the brake light sensors and clutch switch function.
  • Consult manufacturer and dealer for troubleshooting if issues persist.

Comparison with Other Models

From 2006 BMW gave an option of adding cruise control to their R1200RT.

2013 and the later models of the Yamaha FJR1300 have cruise control as a standard feature.


Honda ST1300 did not come equipped with cruise control from the factory.

However, several aftermarket cruise control systems are available from brands like Rostra, BrakeAway, and Sta-Tron.

These kits allow riders to add cruise control functionality to their ST1300 for long-distance touring comfort.

Proper installation and adjustment are critical for smooth and safe operation.

Riders should educate themselves on proper use and limitations before utilizing cruise control on their motorcycle.

These systems can greatly enhance the long-haul touring capability of the ST1300 when installed and used correctly.

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