Honda ST1300 Length, Width, Wheelbase, Seat Height, Storage

Honda ST1300 has the dimensions and capabilities to competently tackle cross-country trips while keeping both rider and passenger satisfied mile after mile.

Let’s take a closer look at the key measurements and dimensions that give the Honda ST1300 its long-legged character.

Factors like wheelbase, weight, ground clearance, and seat height all contribute to the bike’s stability, handling, comfort, and practicality.

The Honda ST1300 features a strong, touring-focused exterior design with dimensions that provide stability, comfort, and carrying capacity.

Honda ST1300’s Length

Honda ST1300’s length is 87.8 inches from the front to the rear fender. This gives it a significant footprint and a substantial feel on the road.

Despite the lengthy dimensions, experienced riders report the ST1300 maintains responsiveness and nimble handling at lower speeds.

Honda ST1300’s length provides stability when traveling at sustained high speeds, which is ideal for touring-focused motorcycles expected to spend considerable time on highways and interstates.

The size also allows for an expansive fairing design that gives both the rider and passenger ample wind and weather protection.

Honda ST1300’s Width

Honda ST1300’s width is 33.9 inches at the widest point, making it broader than some other touring models.

However, this wider stance contributes to the motorcycle’s straight-line stability when cruising down the open road.

Honda ST1300’s width allows for a spacious seat with room for both rider and passenger to shift positions and avoid discomfort on long rides.

There is adequate space to add soft luggage like saddlebags without appearing too bulky from the side profile. While not excessively wide, the ST1300’s dimensions provide confidence-inspiring stability matched with long-haul comfort.

With an overall length of 87.8 inches, width of 33.9 inches, and height of 55.7 inches, the ST1300 has a significant footprint that inspires confidence at highway speeds.

Its dimensions are comparable to other large-displacement touring models like the Yamaha FJR1300 and Kawasaki Concours 14.

The ST1300’s width gives it a substantial, planted feel on the road.

Honda ST1300’s Wheelbase

Honda ST1300’s wheelbase is 63.2 inches.

Wheelbase refers to the distance between the front and rear axles and has a major impact on a motorcycle’s handling and stability.

A longer wheelbase contributes to straight-line stability and high-speed touring capability.

Honda ST1300’s wheelbase enhances stability and inspires confidence during long stints on the highway.

Honda ST1300’s Weight

Honda ST1300’s dry weight is 631 pounds.

With a full tank of gas and other fluids, the Honda ST1300’s curb weight increases to approximately 719 pounds.

Heavier motorcycles like the ST1300 promote stability, especially at higher speeds, while lighter bikes are often more nimble.

The ST1300 strikes a balance between stability and maneuverability with its weight.

Fuel efficiency can decrease on heavier motorcycles. Read the article linked for more info on the ST1300’s Weight.

Honda ST1300’s Seat Height

ST1300’s seat height is adjustable between 28.3 and 29.1 inches.

A lower seat height of around 28-29 inches is manageable for most riders. Taller riders may prefer the adjustable seat set to the higher position.

Those with shorter inseams can set it lower. There are aftermarket options to customize ST1300’s seat height.

Read the linked article for more info on the comfort and practicality of the ST1300’s seat.

Honda ST1300’s Ground Clearance

Honda ST1300’s ground clearance is 5.1 inches, allowing the motorcycle to handle uneven terrain, speed bumps, and steep driveway angles.

Honda ST1300’s ground clearance prevents bottoming out and scraping fairings or hard parts on the underside of the bike.

This is advantageous for exploring back roads or unpaved surfaces.

Honda ST1300’s Fuel Tank Capacity

ST1300’s fuel tank has a capacity of 7.7 gallons, giving it a substantial touring range.

Riders can expect approximately 280 miles between fill-ups when riding conservatively.

Large touring bikes like the ST1300 emphasize comfort for long days on the road.

Honda ST1300’s Storage Space

ST1300’s storage capacity is around 106 liters. This includes under-seat storage, a saddlebag, and a top case.

Integrated, lockable side cases on the ST1300 provide 60 liters of combined storage.

The optional rear top trunk adds an extra 13 liters.

Plentiful storage lets riders pack for longer trips and carry extra gear securely. The ST1300 also features a standard glove box for small items.

If you’re still curious about the storage space, take a look: ST1300’s storage specs.

Comparison to Other Models

Compared to the Yamaha FJR1300, the ST1300 has a slightly taller seat height and increased overall weight.

The BMW R1250RT is heavier but has less horsepower. The ST1300 roughly splits the difference in terms of dimensions.

It provides a blend of long-haul comfort and convenience without being too bulky or unwieldy.

Real-World Experiences

Riders report the ST1300 feeling planted and secure at interstate speeds.

The adjustable seat makes long days in the saddle bearable.

Some need time to get used to the bike’s heft when backing up or parking.

Experienced riders agree the ST1300 excels as a comfortable long-distance touring mount.

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